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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 1

Poe on Magic (Poe, Apr 20 1993, 46)
	People, like the universe, are vast areas of space. And much like the
universe, we contain small areas of cumulated matter. Usually we think of this
matter as our whole self, and do not extend our feeling outside of our physical
body. But, in truth, we occupy more space than just that of our material self.
There is a field of sorts surrounding our physical body. Call it an aura, a
karma, or perhaps a soul. Every living thing has one to some extent. While some
have stronger fields and others weaker, the strongest belong to those with the
most sentience. It is from this surrounding field that we recieve our magical

	Magic, in the simplest sense, is "the ability to create from nothing."
This is not to say that all magic deals with creating matter from the void, but
instead means: The more creative a person is, the more potential they have to
do magic. Magic is the brother of Art, and they are linked by the creative
curiosity of their practitioners. Hence, the greatist works of art are in some
ways magical, and the greatest works of magic are in some ways artistic. So,
the best magicians of our time have had these qualities: wild imagination, a
need for creative expression, and a natural talent that can't be taught. 

	It is no wonder that the "rhyming spells" of Akartg Loahm are thought
to be the most powerful in existance today, and part of their power extends
from their artistic elements. The secret of magic is to inspire yourself to
such a point where your creativity overflows your physical limits and absorbs
some of the energy from the magical field around you, and becomes real, in and
of itself. The easiest things to be inspired about are those that touch upon
your basic emotions. Love, greed, and hatred are common threads in many magic
spells and talismans. It is much easier to alter things than it is to create
them. For example, you would have to do quite a bit of contemplation to create
a pink rock from nothing, but it is very easy to change a grey rock into a pink
one because you already have something to work with and concentrate on. This is
why we so often see wizards holding objects while reciting spells, or alchemists
needing special ingredients for their potions. The key is to trick your mind
into thinking they are really needed, and then let it do the hard part.

	Here follows a shortened version of Akartg Loahm's verse entitled 
"The growing spell" which has proven to be effective in many magical or mystical

[Growing spell deleted]

>>-Poe-> Chris.

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