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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 2

Poe on The Astronomy Of Nemesis (Poe, Apr 20 1993, 46)
	I spent a brief phaze of my life studying the heavens above our planet
that we call Nemesis, during which I gleaned much insightful knowledge. In the
next few paragraphs I will attempt to impart upon you my new understanding of
the universe which we call DsZenger9...
	From the beginnings of time man has looked upon the heavens and wondered
what really lies there. Is there intelligent life? Do they look like me? And, if
so, how can I reach them? Alas, I am the bearer of unfortunate news... There is
no life in other parts of our universe. We stand alone under the eyes of Snake,
waiting for his glorious hiss to summon us to heaven. Certainly some few men and
women have been graced to look upon the head of Snake and not be blinded by his
sheer beauty, and we have fallen down on our knees to worship them as lesser 
gods. My thought was that by studying the nature of the galaxy, I would be able
to climb nearer to heaven, and so I did...
	Nemesis is a vast ball of dirt held together by sheer force of hope...
Nemesis floats in a stagnant pool of nothingness at the center of the universe,
and around it spins the sun and of course it's three moons. Many before me had
thought that it was our planet which spun and twisted around the hot ball we 
call our sun, but they are wrong. Nemesis is the fulcrum around which everything
turns. All life emenates from here, the center of the universe, and radiates 
outwards with lesser intensity. Hence I know as a fact that there is no life
elsewhere in the universe, only the closest of astrological bodies may contain
enough life-energy to evolve sentient beings. Take our nearest moon of Tapp as
an example... It would be capable of supporting life if only it had a breathable
	As we look further outwards we can see those small pricks of light which
we dub stars. I had once thought that the stars were indeed other suns like ours
which rotated around planets as well, but now, I know that this cannot be. It
happened that last summer while I was out gazing at the stars through my larger
telescope... one of them landed upon the lense!!! Being curious I examined it 
and found it to be only a small insect with a glowing tail. It took quite a 
while for the truth to register in my brain... At night, thousands of little
bugs fly out and dance across the skies, I am also sure that other, more frigid
areas of the world must not have this insect problem, and are able to look out
upon the true blackness of the void.
	Closer to home we find our three moons, the largest of which we call 
Tapp. Tapp is a large chunk of red rock that split away from Nemesis during the
creation. Many superstitious peasants have begun calling it the red eye of death
because it's gravitational force sometimes causes minor floods and quakes.
	The second to the largest moon I have named 'Poe', although it is very
often reffered to as the obsidion moon. Poe is roughly 1/12th the size of our
planet and spins around us in a high polar orbit. In the past we did not even
know that Poe existed simply because it is black like the void behind it. I was
blessed to make it's recent discovery on the brink of the new year when all of
the moons meet to block out the light of the sun. I noticed it move across the
golden disk of the sun, much like a pupil of a demon's eye. I was honored to be
able to name it after myself.
	The third and smallest of our moons is a mere 1/132nd the size of our
planet. In actuality it is no more then a bit of cosmic debris that has taken
a detour around us. This smallest moon we have dubbed 'Snake' in reverance to
our god, and also becuase whenever it nears our Sun it grows a long tail. This
of course only happens at the turn of the new year when all three moons align 
to block out the light of the sun. It is my thinking that when the moon of
Snake nears the sun, the outer crust begins to burn off forming the so-called
tail. From this is derived the phrase 'Snake is shedding his skin'.
	The prophecies of the book of death speak to us of a time when all will
be destroyed, and in it are mentioned all three moons.

				The Apocolypse
			   From 'The book of Death'

		When the heavens meet, upon the field of blood,
		there will be quakes, and there will be floods.
	                When obsidion Poe becomes,
		        the student of the sun,
			And great Snake begins,
			to shed his skin,
			Then shall be the time of woe.
		When the red eye of death looks upon Nemesis,
		And Snake lets out his final 'Hissssssss',
			The Clerics prayers,
			will find no answers,
			And the bards songs,
			will all be gone,
			And then will come the woe.
		The there shall be born a new infant son,
		And he shall be named 'Armageddon',
			Destroyer of life,
			Giver of strife,
                        He will read,
			The final creed,
		        And bring to us, eternal woe.

				>>-Poe-> Chris.

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