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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 3

Saucery! (Poe, Apr 27 1993, 46)
			   by >>-Poe-> Chris.

	Since the beginnings of time there have been men who call themselves
magicians, and Lotagh was one of these men.  At one time he would have been
happy to be called the town dolt, but by the grace of an old codgerly man, he
was given an apprenticeship in the magical arts. Of course, this was all years
ago and Lotagh had far surpassed his master in many ways. The secret to magic,
said his mentor, was distraction... and Lotagh was a quick study in the lesson
of slight of hand. Now his livelyhood was performing tricks for the courtly
nobility at costume balls, dinner banquets, and tea parties, and it was at one
such party where Lotagh unlocked the true secret of magic.

	'Sire! What's this behind your ear?', asked the magician,
'Oh my, how did this gold coin get there?' And he held up a golden crown with
the King's picture on it. 'Have you been swimming through the treasure room
again your majesty? Tsk Tsk Tsk.'

	Lords and ladies laughed at this... all but the King who said, 'Lotagh,
this pulling things from my ears is becoming tiresome. Show us some real magic.'

	Lotagh held out his hand to show that there was nothing in it, and then
held out his other hand which held the coin. Appearing to place the coin into
his other hand he reached down for a wand and deposited the money into his
upturned hat, but in a way so that nobody could see. Taking up his wand he 
called for the attention of his audience, and whilst waving the wand over his
closed hand he mumbled 'Hocus Pocus... Alacadabrazam!.' Finally, to the oohing
and ahing of ladies and gentlemen he opened his empty hand. The applause was 
resounding and he took a few curt bows. 

	'For my next act...' announced Lotagh, 'I shall be needing a volunteer
from the audience, how about you my dear?' he said to a pretty young serving
wench who was pouring ale. She was nearly thrown up onto stage by the crowd of
eager magic watchers. Lotagh then mumbled to himself a bit and rumaged in his
trunk as if looking for something. 'Aha!' he cried pulling out a small tea cup
and delicate saucer. Now, the tea cup was empty but Lotagh made such a show as
if it was half full with piping hot tea. This was part of the illusion he was
to present and he had to be convincing. He'd done this trick many times in the
past but they always loved it and it was one of his favorites. The serving girl
was of course the real magic, she was the crowd's distraction. But looking over
at the young wench, Lotagh was so distracted himself that he dropped the empty
cup on the floor, breaking it into many pieces, and causing quite a mess. In
the meantime the crowd was crying 'charlatan' and Lotagh was trying to calm them
somewhat with a quick witful joke. He then turned to the girl and asked if she
would be so kind as to help clean up the broken cup, and she said yes. But as
she bent down to clean up the mess Lotagh glanced upon her deep cleavage and was
awed by her beauty, as well as somewhat excited. He didn't mean to stare so, but
he couldn't take his eyes from off her busom for a long moment. Finally his 
rapture was broken by clapping and cheers from the crowd who were looking at him
as if he hadn't just totally ruined his reputation as a court magician. Now,
Lotagh couldn't understand why they were cheering for him, and he stood dumb
for the moment.

	'It's amazing!' cried one man.

	'It's real magic!" said another.

	'It's Saucery!' shouted a third man, while he pointed at the dish which
was hovering only inches above Lotagh's hand. When Lotagh looked down and saw it
there, just floating in thin air, he gasped. Then, taking his hand away the dish
fell to the ground and met it's fate much as the matching teacup had. Now, he
finally knew the real meaning in what his master had told him. The secret to 
magic is distraction, but not only the distraction of the audience. The secret
to real magic is the distraction of the magician.

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