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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 5

A discovery concerning astronomy (Poe, Jun 1 1993, 46)
	In an Archeological dig on the island of Planeland some recent 
discoveries were made about an ancient people known as the Druids of Dhoom. So
far not much has been known about these people except what was recorded by the
few who survived meeting them. Here is an excerpt from the biography of Nacien
the eunich, who narrowly survived an encounter. Some of the emotion has been
lost in the translation of this ancient text.

	"I Nacien have met these druids and survived to tell you of them. Here
I will impart upon you my wisdom in the matters of their hideous civilization.
From birth to death the druids devote their lives to Snake. The druids, an 
offshoot of more conventional Snake religons are very devout in their worship.
They have ceremonies to mark all phases of life: birth, manhood, priesthood,
marriage, and of course death. The druids, aside from being fanaticaly 
religous are also strong warriors and masters of poisoning. Young acolytes to
the priesthood must devote a year of their life to the study of assassination
by poison and be able to list all 342 known natural poisons by memory before
they can ascend into the brotherhood. In a ceremony to mark enterance into the
brotherhood, they are "notched." Notching of the tongue has more than one 
signifigant meaning to the druids.. not only does it bring them closer to their
God, it also allows them to pronounce certain sacred words. 
	In battle the druids are fierce warriors... masters of the whip. When
a druid defeats an enemy in single combat to show his religous fervor he cuts 
off the dead enemy's "snake" and eats it. The druids believe that Snake is 
their God and are bitter enemies to any other group of Snake-worshippers. When,
once in a blue moon, a druid ascends to the position of high priest, he goes 
through the ritual of "skin shedding" where skin is ceremoniously flayed from
his back in a decorative scale pattern. And at the death of a druid, his limbs
are cut from his body before he is returned to the earth in the ultimate 
tribute to Snake. Finally I will tell you my secret, I am not by choice a eunich
and I would never have been since that fatal day when I met those evil ones. Be
careful my friends, to avoid men with a lisp." Nacien, Bru Fro 489

	By the date on this manuscript we can see that the time of the druids
somewhat predates that of those we term the "Nemesian Greeks", yet the recent
discoveries made amongst the ruins of Planeland show that the druids had a
highly developed calander similar to our own, only lacking in the 13th month.
Uncovered in the druid ruins was a circle of giant stone monoliths which we
can, by mathematical model, demonstrate to show the orbits of Helios and Tapp,
about our planet, and which the druids used to predict seasons. Time was very
important to the druids who held anual and semi-anual sacrifices according to
their calander which had twelve months of alternating length. Some scientists
believe that this calander would have been accurate in a time when the moon
of Tapp was not influenced as it is currently by it's sibling moons, and thus
had a different period of orbit around Nemesis. But if this is so, we might
ask which moon was not present at the time of the druids, and more importantly,
how it came to be there.

>>-Poe-> Chris.

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