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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 6

Another piece of history (Junky, Jun 2 1993, 60)
This is another piece of history i recently found under a huge pile of paper
in my workroom. It was written by one of the major historicians in Nemesis,
Horas. By the time the events happened he was still a small child, but he
wrote his memories down later.

"... We write the year of 1386. It happened in the last days of spring when the
world was as peaceful as in no other time of the year. Well, leave alone the
orcs who prepared for another ambush against our houses, but they as well as we
didn't know at that time that the long-yeared struggle will come to an very
soon end.

No, neither we nor the orcs were extinguished, as we all know these cruel
monsters still haunt a great part of your beautiful world, but nature departed
the two sides in a way nobody would have dreamt of. Its motivation lies
unknown though, and the oldest and wisest men in Nemesis have spent many
restless nights on the search for the reason nature acted this way.

One of the most popular solutions even had to do with the orcs. It says that
nature separated intelligence from dumbness to speed up evolution. It is true
that the war that was going on blocked crafts and science and after the
great wonder, it was a wonder undoubtedly, the Nemesian race experienced the
greatest advances in history.

Some of the mathematicians and geologists still think that all happened
rationally. They say that the spin of the earth infilcts a force of everything
and some strange constellation of the moons even raised that force so earth
broke apart. This is of course not possible for we all know that Nemesis
itself stands still and the stars are moving around it. And even if there was
such a force that could part the earth, we all would get thrown to the ground
whenever we leave our houses and I myself had difficulties walking outside
only once in my life which was in the great storm of 1393, and every child
know that storms are caused by Dixie, the weather god.

Even others think, that all happened from the pure will of Snake, from a bad
or good mood, or perhaps not even intentionally, but nobody could find any
proof for this theory. I think, Snake's actions are determined by ratio,
and most of the happenings were not rational at all (the separation from the
orcs are an exception, of course)..."

Well, that's all i found, but we know what he was telling about: The great
separation of the continents and islands. Well, i will continue searching my
workroom for other writings of this smart man, Horas.


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