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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 7

Current theories (Reyalpeht, Jun 3 1993, 24)
Just after the publication of the ancient text of Nacien dated Bru Fro 489
and the investigation of the monolith circle of the Druids of Dhoom, there 
were already three different theories suggested, which try to explain the 
very challenging fact, that the orbit of Tapp has been changed at some time 
between the time of the Druids and the Nemesian Greeks (from their astronomy
which is completely contained in the "Almagest" written by Ptolemyem we know
that they had a 13 months calendar already).
The first theory invokes a new kind of celestial body called 'comet' or 
'planetoid'. The scientists favouring that idea think that 'Snake' our smallest
moon is not really a moon like 'Tapp' or 'Poe', but that it was captured later
by Nemesis. They assume that 'Snake' is nothing else than a ball of cosmic dirt
that originally was traveling above the stars. But for whatever reason, roughly
one millenium ago, it was captured by Nemesis and since then it has an orbit
close to the centre of the universe - below the stars. According to this theory
the capture of 'Snake' has caused the change of Tapp's orbit. 
As you will see, all theories face serious problems. In this case, it is the
question, wether a small body like 'Snake' can really be responsible for the
orbit change. But as long as we don't have a reliable theory of the motion and 
interaction of the heavenly bodies - and we DON'T have such a theory so far - 
we cannot answer this question.

The second alternative is the idea, that the orbit of Tapp is in a natural con-
tinuous change. This means a singular event which caused a sudden change of the
orbit would not be required. This theory is very attractive, but also this 
theory cannot be veryfied for the time being: our instruments are not capable
to detect this change - even with the recently invented wonderful tool 'tele-
scope' the required accuracy of the maesurements cannot be achieved. The 
criticism on this suggestion is threefold: First, the orbit change would be
relatively fast (merely 1000 years for the assumed change). Second: should 
this mean, that eventually Tapp will fall down onto Nemesis and destroy our
civilisation in an apocalyptic event? And the final third point is the most 
important one: If this theory would be true, the structure of the heavens 
would not be stable for all times! This is not really possible according to
all what our modern astronomy has found: the world has no beginning and no
end, and because Nemesis is the centre of the universe and because Nemesis is
carrying the heavens, the theory of a naturally changing orbit of Tapp cannot
be right!

Finally, the third theory is more a speculation than a real theory. One - yes, 
only one historian - has proposed the first 'full theory' of the history of 
Nemesis. But to say it before explaining his ideas: they are even less plausible
than the second theory, and this - as you certainly have seen - is already not 
The theory says, that the very beginning of Nemesis history has been the 
arrivals of the 'First Nemesians' in a cosmical coach named 'Snake' in honour 
to the god Snake, who send them to bring the human life to Nemesis. The coach
was our third moon 'Snake' and, originally, it was orbiting around Tapp. After 
having admired the centre of the universe, the gift of Snake given to them, 
for a while, they started to populate the planet. What they did not know
was that 'Snake' gave them a quest without telling them: On Nemesis were living
the Orcs, maybe the original inhabitants of Nemesis. But instead of trying to 
live in peace together both peoples began to be attacked eachother. In this an-
cient times both the Orcs and the Nemesians had a much more evolved technology. 
The unavoidable wars between both peoples escalated, and most of the Nemesians 
decided to return to 'Snake', and in order to have a permanent possibiltiy to 
observe the planet and the Orcs, they built a tower on Tapp. The following de-
cades saw a decrease of the civilisations on Nemesis: the remaining Nemesians
as well as the Orcs lost their knowledge about the technology. Maybe that our
god Snake let this happen, maybe that he has seperated the continents (see the
previous note by Junky), in any case the technology was decaying and we now-
adays have almost no documents about it, only some weapons and some armours 
distributed allover Nemesis remained.
Then, with the Druids of Dhoom, a new growth of knowledge began, and the inhabi-
tants of 'Snake' - still leaving on the moon and still observing from the tower
of Tapp, decided to locate 'Snake' further outwards: the were afraid, that the
Druids could discover them. So, the orbit was changed and caused also the 
orbit change of Tapp. The only remaining evidence of this true 'First Nemesians'
(a somewhat inappropriate naming, because they lived only for a short period on
the planet itself) is the tower of Tapp.
Although this theory would explain the new findings (orbit change of Tapp, ar-
tificial structure on Tapp, the existence of weapons belonging to a higher
technology), not a single scientist - historian or astronomer - is willing to 
believe this. And, dear reader, I'm sure that you share the same view: all this
seems to be not very plausible. 
The historian proposing this scenario claimed to have some up-to-now unknown 
documents which he had found at the planelands. But the proof of this is not 
possible anymore - the man is disappeared. Most probably he saw that he was not
able to prove his fantastic theory, because - of course - the documents are not

So after all, the question of the change in the calendars is still open - no
satisfactory explanation is available. Maybe that you, dear reader, have an 

                                       Reyalpeht, Hol Whi 12, 1401

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