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Nemesis bulletin boards: Story bulletin board, note 9

Tapp (Poe, Oct 26 1993, 46)
Tapp - the whole truth (Junky, Oct 20, 60)
Yesterday, our nearest moon, Tapp, vanished in a cloud of fire. Some wise men 
state, it was punished by some gods from another universe. Their motivation
is yet unknown, though a random action out of a bad mood is not excluded.

Nemesian scientists don't know much about Tapp, although the majority of them
believe that it is inhabited by some minor life forms. A group of scientists
around the professor Erik van Daenikon believes that human-like creatures 
have been descending from Tapp to Nemesis using a yet unknown transportation
method and the recent increase of the Nemesian population results from a mass
evasion shortly before and after the explosion.

Erik even states that there are other inhabited planets in outer space and
interstellar travel and communication is common out there, and many people
from other planets go to Nemesis for its originality and secludedness.

There exist some wide-spread rumours that this disturbation of the cosmic
balance may affect the world of Nemesis, but as life goes on just as before  
this talk seems to be unjustified. Enquiries at the greater gods of Nemesis
resulted in a reactions like: "No, this cannot possibly happen here!".

New theories about the remainders of Tapp and the reasons for the explosion
will be presented here and on this board only.

The End of TAPP (Ecstasy, Oct 20, 28)
	It was a dark and stormy night.  The candlelight danced on the
windowpanes, oblivious to the Dark Task that was afoot.  Tahar lay unconscious
in a corner; his partner, Efchen, sat tied to a wooden chair, screaming into
a blinding white light.
	"No!" his voice broke as he shrieked, "I'll never let you close us
	"Get the formula," said one voice calmly behind the light.
	A hand appeared from the darkness and pushed the syringe into Efchen's
forearm.  Efchen winced and looked away, for he had already given up on
struggling.  The shot administered, Efchen looked back resolutely into the
white light.
	"I will never let you..." His pupils began to dilate.
	"The game is over, the voice replied.
	Efchen began to breathe unsteadily.  He could feel his heart palpitate
in his chest.  He turned his pale, sweating head to cast one last look at his
dying companion.  It was over.
	"Pull the plug," said the voice.
	It was finished.

The board contains 9 notes:
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  7. Current theories (Reyalpeht, Jun 3 1993, 24)
  8. Merlin's story. (Poe, Jun 3 1993, 46)
  9. Tapp (Poe, Oct 26 1993, 46)

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