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Document Path: /doc/helpdir/egg-hunt

Information: egg hunting - invasion of the Easter bunnies

	The old tradition of the egg hunt starts in Nemesis on Easter Sunday
	0:00 am (time in Munich, Germany) - well, sometime after midnight and
	lasts for one week. During the night to the Easter Day bunnies begin
	to invade Nemesia, the island of Nemesis Village, and the plains on
	Planeland (see also the map of the known world in the Info Centre or
	https://nemesis.de/lpc/map/0 ). After the Easter bunnies have reached
	their target areas, they will start to hide Easter eggs everywhere.

	To hunt these various types of hidden eggs you have to 'search' (see
	'help search') so-called room items. Room items are items mentioned
	in the description of the room, you are in. But sometimes the bunnies
	hide the eggs trickily at an item only mentioned in the description
	of another item.

	And keep in mind: Bunnies are very shy animals. They do not enter any
	buildings and Easter bunnies only hide eggs when they are on their
	own and alone.

	Useful baskets will be available on the village green in front of the
	church in Nemesis Village.

	This is the harbour of Nemesis Village, called Nemesis Village Harbour
	and formerly known as West Harbour. To the west lies the ocean.
	Attached to the wall is a map of the known world.
	    There is one obvious exit: east.
	A list of top egg hunters.
	A list of the ships.
	A table of the ships.
	A city guard.
	A lantern.
	examine wall
	There is a map of the known world attached.
	search wall

	To celebrate the newly implemented continuous numbering of items
	(see 'help numbering') and the new standard action 'search' (see
	'help search'), the invasion of the Easter bunnies and the egg hunt
	have been brought to Nemesis by Falbala (see 'whois falbala' or
	https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/falbala ), Wastl ('whois wastl'
	or https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/wastl ) and  Kiri ('whois kiri'
	or https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/kiri ) in February 2016.

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