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                                  CHAPTER 1                                     
Magic Maps:

   Magic Maps are a great feature of room2, and I hope, in the near future
   all outside rooms in Nemesis are mapped.

   Annotation by Kiri: I don't hope so ;-) At least NOT for players :-D
   Within the new Nemesis Village there won't be a map for players! ;-)

   These maps are also realized with properties - see the previous page.

   All map names and map files are listed in /include/map_defines.h. There
   is a generic map object availabe in obj/map. If you create such a map
   and have the map name defined, it is a full map. Players can look at it
   and take it. If a player takes/gets such a map, it is added to the list
   of magic maps. The object itself is destructed after it entered the
   inventory of a player!

   See also the note title "obj/map: ready for persistence (Kiri, Jul 19
   2016, 62)" on the documentation board ('goto /guild/adv/inner3') or
   https://nemesis.de/lpc/board/7 - obj/map got some more features as it
   is based on obj/item now!

   For example add
	set_prop(P_MAP, "tharg:10,10");
   to your simple room file e.g. below the set_items()", reload it and
   'clone /lib/obj/thargmap'. Now type 'look at map' or 'x map'.

   If you want to make a map for your area, ask an Archwiz to add it to the
   list of valid maps.

   CHANGED: Now players also can type 'look at map of name>' and they get
   their position marked with the '@' if they are in this area. This was
   added by Teddy in 2015 (see https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/teddy or
   'whois teddy').

   Perspective: Perhaps we add some kind of multi map support - sometime:
   If a player has maps of South Nemesia and Skara Brae and if the player
   is in Skara Brae, then the player looks at the map of Skara Brae, when
   just typing 'examine map' (and gets the '@'). But if he/she/it uses
   'examine map of south nemesia', this map is shown AND the players gets
   "roughly" positioned on it. Just an idea ... ;-)

   Changed/modified/modernised in August 2016.

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