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                                  CHAPTER 1                                     
Basic Description:

   In the simple example we set two different descriptions, a short and a
   long description. Each of these descriptions is shown automatically: If
   a player types 'look' in a room, or if the player is in 'verbose' mode
   (default), the long description is displayed. If the player is in 'brief'
   mode, the short description is displayed.

   The short description also is used in several other places. For example
   if someone wants to know about the location of a player, something like
   <name> is currently in <short desc> is displayed. Perhaps you have a
   golden apple from a magnolia tree: this shows the short descriptions
   where the players are.

   Therefore and for various other reasons ANY short description has to be
   in lowercase (as ALL short descriptions in Nemesis) and must not contain
   newlines ('\n') etc. PLEASE read the GUIDELINES concerning the style in
   short descriptions - see 'man build/shorts'.

   The long description usually consists out of several lines, separated by
   newlines. The lenght of each line should not exceed 79 characters. In LPC
   you don't have to put the whole description into a single line, but you
   can add the lines together with '+', like this:

	set_long("This is the long description of this room.\n"+
	  "It is very boring. It has be long enough to show how it works.\n");

   Or you can do it like this:

This is the description of this room.\n\
It is very boring. It has be long enough to show how it works.\n");

   Well, you loose the indentation there, but you keep much more overview
   about the length of the lines.

   Changed/modified in August 2016.

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