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Adventurers' Help: combat

Information: combat - fighting monsters 

	In the old days Nemesis got a combat system totally different
	from the original. That means, not only the messages during a
	fight are non-standard. The complete coding is different and

	In ancient times Junky and lynX said:
	A new combat system has been developed that automatically keeps
	track of multiple enemies in each living being, monsters and
	adventurers. It also keeps track of how much damage has been
	done by who.

	When a monster dies each adventurer gets his share of experience
	depending on how brave he was. However the one who actually gave
	the death blow to the monster will get an extra share, and the
	message "You kill ..." whilst the others get a "You gain

	And when two or more people fight a monster, it will counterattack
	all of them every now and then. Other way round, when you fight
	8 orcs all by yourself you will hit anyone of them, not just the
	first in line.

	This has been done to improve atmosphere of combat, and much
	more, to finally support team work, team fighting, exploring
	and fighting in group.

	I wished I had this when *I* was a player.. *sniff*
	This was developed at /dev/MUD by lynX and Junky.
	You're invited to mail comments or problems to both of us.

	Nowadays please contact admin or admin @ nemesis.de if you have
	comments or problems in fights (see 'help admin').

	In the early 1990s, /dev/MUD was a separate MUD for development
	only, run by the Archwizards and Gods of Nemesis. And it is up
	again - today we call it "Nemesis test MUD", shortened "NemTest"
	or "Test"  - see 'help connect'.

 	For more information about lynX and Junky see 'whois lynx' or
	https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/lynx and 'whois junky' or
	https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/junky .

	The spelling of "lynX" is not a typo ;-)

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