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Adventurers' Help: modernise

Command: modernise - gives you a new body according to the current version

	'modernise myself' gives your character a new body created from
	the up-to-date version. So from time to time you might be asked
	to modernise:

	"Hey, <name>, the Arches and Gods of Nemesis have made a new body
	for you and your kind. It would be a good idea to 'modernise'
	yourself in order to take advantage of this godly gift. If you
	need help, check 'help modernise'."

	Now, if you are in a save place and NOT in combat and, if you can
	spare a minute, you should modernise yourself.

	Please check yourself and your inventory afterwards - especially
	if you have wielded your weapon and if all your armours are worn
	(see Note: below).

	'modernise me' works also - as far as English grammar is concerned
	not the correct form, but shorter and common usage in MUDs.

	modernise myself
	modernise me

	modernise myself
	The Gods of Nemesis arrive in a puff of very colourful smoke.
	The Gods of Nemesis greet nobly.
	The Gods of NemTest force you to stop wielding your weapon and
	to remove all your armours and clothes - all you are wearing:
	You unwield your [...]

	Sorry, we can not fully guarantee that all your equipment is in a
	proper state after a modernisation. We have tested a lot and all
	worked fine but who knows. A modernisation is enhanced sorcery so
	check yourself and your equipment afterwards. Don't hesitate to
	contact Archwizards (see 'help admin') if you think something went
	wrong. Or leave a detailed bug report via 'bug general modernise
	<problem>' for the Archwizards.

	You will only get informed to 'modernise' yourself, if Archwizards
	and Gods recommend it. And a modernisation will only be possible,
	if there actually is a newer version for your current body.

	Typically modernisations are recommended to activate new features.
	These are published on the What's New board below the Information
	Centre in Nemesis Village, via the news displayed at login and via
	'news' and on https://nemesis.de/news/ . Also important bug fixes
	require quick modernisations.

	The spelling of 'modernise' is British English (BE) - NOT "modernize"
	as in American English (AE).

	Nowadays many adventurers stay disconnected over night to keep their
	equipment. But on the other side the development of new features and
	of course bug fixing continues. Therefore Kiri (see 'whois kiri' or
	https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/kiri ) coded 'modernise myself' in
	July 2016.

	Wizards get shorter information about and during a modernisation.

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