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Adventurers' Help: set

Command: set - sets and shows your personal environment variables

	In Nemesis some of your personal bits (data) are stored in
	so-called environment variables aka env-variables or env-vars.
	Some are directly game related, e.g. 'wimpy' and 'extra-look'.
	Others are administrative like your email address.

	With the command 'set' you can check, change and remove them.

	set			lists all set env-variables in ABC order.
	set <variable>		shows the current setting of <variable>.
	set <variable> <value>	sets the env-var <variable> to <value>.
	set -<variable>		removes an env-var <variable> (does the same
				as 'unset <variable>', see 'help unset').
	set ?			shows this page.

	Available variables - for all players/adventurers and wizards:
	ansi		your ANSI colour settings and other control sequences
			(see 'help ansi').
	echo		your command echo (see 'help echo').
	extra-look	a special extra look message which will be displayed
			whenever another player/adventurer looks at you.
			Setting this variable costs 5 SPs each time.
	keepalive	stabilizes your connection to Nemesis by sending a
			few bytes every few minutes (see 'help keepalive').
	mailaddr	your valid email address from outside Nemesis
			(see 'help mailaddr').
	realname	your real name - see 'help realname'.
	term		your terminal type (if not set automatically, see
			'help terminal').
	wimpy		the percentage of your maximum HPs for when the wimpy
			mode will come into operation (default is 20%, see
			'help wimpy').
	xtitle		text to set your xterm title with, if the variable
			'term' has the value 'xterm'. This might happen while
			logging into Nemesis or, if you 'set term xterm'. BUT
			keep in mind: your terminal or MUD client has to be
			compatible with an X-Terminal (see 'help terminal' and
			'help xtitle')! If you 'set xtitle off' the function
			is suppressed. Whereas if the variable is 'on' your
			game title is sent to the xterm titlebar (see also
			below xicon).
	xicon		text to set your xterm icon name with. If the variable
			is set to 'on' the xterm icon will be named 'Nemesis'
			(see above 'xtitle' and 'help xicon').

	Available variables - additionally for wizards only:
	earmuffs	your earmuffs (see 'help earmuffs').
	home		your default home directory (at login, with 'cd'
			and in MudFM - see 'help cd' and 'help mudfm').
			your enter/leave messages, magic and "normal".
	pformat		the format string for people command ('help pformat').
	prompt		your wizard prompt (see 'help prompt').
	workroom	your favourite workroom (see 'help home').

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