Cemetery Talk

Feature Story # 3 by Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer

Hi! This is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer (still satanic).
Welcome back again to my new feature story.

Today we are going to explore the new Cemetery in Nemesis Village. Well, not everything - no spoiler - but it might be a bit scary...

Right now we are at South Harbour, or Waste Harbour, just south of the gate of the southern entrance to the cemetery.

The heavy gate is made of an iron grid and there is a sign on it.
The sign looks very new and reads:
        /                \
        | Opening Hours: |
        |   4am - 10pm   |

This is due to the new security measures, which made the cemetery a much safer place. During the night the gates are closed.

So, let's go inside now and meet Mr Think, the undertaker and new caretaker of the new cemetery. Ah, there he is, beside the wooden fence.

Hi, Mr Think!

Think says: Ciao, how are you!
Think says: I hate those grave robbers!
Think says: Always this damned locking and unlocking of the gates.

These monsters dig everywhere, search even the walls, climb trees and take what they find... and often they leave some of their own stuff behind. Just look over there:

We are in front of a grave with a giant statue of an angel 
standing guard.
And on the ground there are a couple of real beers and leather jackets!

Think says: I think, they come inside during the day when the gates are open, and hide somewhere. And in the night they are looting the graves, having parties and are scaring my pets!

Oh, so, you think, Mr Think, the new security measures are not as effective as they were meant to be?

Think says: Definitely. But I am working hard, and one day - or, shall I say: night - I will catch them!
Anyway, not everything in the new Cemetery is bad. I would like to show you something new and nice here. Please follow me.

Think says: Now, this is the old Scumbag crypt.
Have a close look at it.

Oh, Mr Think, this is really a masterpiece of handicraft! Both, with regard to arts and to history, and it bears something else... some helpful information...

Think says: Yes, you are right, Falbala. But you have to leave now. It is late and I am going to close the gates now.

Thank you very much for showing the new Cemetery to me and my readers, Mr Think. Good luck tonight!

Mr Think waves good-bye, closing the southern gate from the inside.

I am glad to be outside, as it is already getting dark. And are there some moving shadows over there? Oh, oh. Quick, I am on my way home...

Hope to meet you soon again, when I am back with a new feature story for the Nemesis News.
My name is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer. Good night, sleep tight, hope, the shadows don't bite.