Interview with Prof. Archibald Olstoff on the Methodology of the Solutions of Quests by Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer

Have you ever been to the ancient room of quests in the basement of the church? In the old times wizards had to go there to tribute their quests. But then this rite was declared useless and obsolete. So, for many years the room was obviously forgotten.

But lately there is something going on there: it now seems to be an archaeological excavation site!

I really wish to provide you, my dear readers, with the most current information on this spectacular topic. It was only today that I met Prof. Archibald Olstoff, a leading Archaeologist and responsible for the excavation site, and asked him a couple of questions:

Good morning, Prof. Olstoff. Thank you very much for this meeting on the excavation site.

Prof. Olstoff mumbles: "Ahh, dumb laity everywhere... - Ahem, Good morning, Falbala."

Could you please tell my readers, what you are doing here?

Prof. Olstoff is going down on his knees and poking one skinny finger carefully into a pile of dust. "Well, I am digging and searching the squares..."

What for?

Prof. Olstoff says: "A lot of people might be interested in the Methodology of the Solutions of Quests. That is to say, there might be some hints for quests here... But you should read my book, as soon as it is written. A really interesting topic...: An Introduction to the Systematic Disfunctional Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Questing Phenomena of Wizards in Ancient Times."

When will it be available?

"Ahem, well - some time after I will have started to write it... But will you excuse me now, Falbala. I really need to dance now."

Prof. Olstoff makes a jump to the left and then a step to the right, with his hands on his hips he brings his knees in tight and does the pelvic thrust, mumbling: "Ahh, dumb laity everywhere..."

Ahh... Ok...- thank you, Prof. Olstoff, for this interesting interview.