Pool Talk

Feature Story # 1 by Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer

Hi! My name is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer (still satanic).
I have a scar on my left leg, my right leg and my forehead. In my times as an adventurer in Nemesis I - besides solving quests - have been a reporter delivering bugs, typos and ideas to the wizards, but now - being a wizard myself - my Nemesian life became a bit more relaxed: Well, I am not going to give away any secrets, but travelling for example is a lot easier now ... But I am also working on a couple of projects, I gave birth to Bonny, Stuart and Archibald, and thinking about having more kids, as they grow up and start living a life of their own really fast here in Nemesis... Furthermore I made a bit of interior design in a treehouse, helped Bonny as a builder on the construction site of her research station - and I still usually wear a PINK mink fur. Not because I am a fashion-addict, which I am definitively not, I can assure you - the colour doesn't even match with my waistlong blue braid, I think - but I always liked the combination of this wordplay and really useful armour...

Don't be scared by my (still satanic) alignment: it's only fake. Although it is true that as an adventurer it was my personal quest to become and stay satanic, which is really hard in Nemesis: in order to become satanic you have to go after the saintly monsters. The only problem is that there are very few of these ... and on your way solving the quests you meet a lot of nasty, evil, demonic or satanic monsters, which you cannot avoid and fighting them has ruined my alignment often.

But that is enough talking about myself for now. Why don't you have a look at the place where we are at the moment? Actually it is one of my favourite places in Nemesis:

We are in a fast bubbling hot pool. Some people call it a jacuzzi.
This pool has healing qualities for adventurers with aches and pains!
There is no roof over it, so it is open to the weather.
A shiny plaque is attached to one side of the pool.
    No obvious exits.
A small duck.

"Swirl, bubble, steam... I sink down and feel slightly hypnotized. A mild sensation of wellbeing sweeps the pool. I feel better. Steam swirls over the water, obscuring the view. I float on the bubbles and relax some more."

Oh, yes. It is true: this pool really is a good place for relaxing after combat. Using the pool is for free, you just need some time. And this is one of the rare places in Nemesis where adventurers can talk freely: you may express yourself here without an announcement. It is also possible to emote in the pubs, but people there are usually in a hurry... So, social events, like pool parties often take place here in this jacuzzi.
As we are on our own at the moment you might use the time to examine this shiny plaque meanwhile:

I wipe steam off the plaque and read:
        O                                             O
        |   This fine jacuzzi is based on the work    |
        |    of Starlight from very ancient times.    |
        |  It later was improved by Kiri and Metall.  |

That's nice. Historic fundaments combined with modern technique.

Now, what about this small duck?
The small duck is brown and white. It happily bobs in the bubbling water.
Duck is in good shape.

Wait a minute! What's that? From outside Angus, an old friend of mine, looks into the jacuzzi - let's keep the duck for later.

Angus the warrior (saintly) climbs into the hot pool, bows to me, and starts to relax. I curtsey gracefully, and being just a little bit curious, we take a closer look at him:

Angus has a scar on his left arm and his left cheek - leftovers from an adventure. He is a brawny Highlander working hard on losing his image as a mollycoddle, which he really used to be, believe me. But today he is on a good way to become a brave adventurer, sometimes you could even call him a daredevil! Part of his metamorphosis he ows to the change of his looks: though still wearing a traditional fillibeg, he has dyed his hip-length hair black and made dreadlocks. Yeah, really cool!
Furthermore Angus is carrying around some mean stuff: a vampire sword (wielded, of course), a pitchfork, he is wearing a leather armour, a black and green Nemesis T-shirt, a gold chain, a ring of protection, a pair of crab claws, a pair of climbing boots (great, he obviously got rid of his beloved garish green flip-flops), a black robe from Lucifer himself, Donatello's purple bandanna, a small shield from out of a pile of rubbish (some potato peels and something else are sticking to the shield) and other stuff. But why the hell didn't he sell the empty udder before coming in here?

Well, I was whispering to you, so Angus couldn't hear, but now he is stretching his hairy legs and wiggling his toes, yawning and saying: "Enough for today. Let's call it a day. Good night, Falbala." He waves to me, I do the same in return, and then Angus turns into a statue of stone.

I agree with Angus and will stay the night in the pool as well.
Hope to meet you soon again, when I am back with a new feature story for the Nemesis News.
My name is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer. Good night, sleep tight, hope, the pool bugs won't bite.