Shop Talk

Feature Story # 2 by Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer

Hi! This is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer (still satanic).
Welcome back again to my new feature story.

Today we are in 'All the Stuff and More', the local shop in Nemesis Village.

You can buy or sell things here.
There is an opening to the north, and some shimmering
blue light in the doorway.
To the west you see a small room.
    There are two obvious exits: south and west.
A colourful magazine.
A pile of Nemesis T-shirts.
A garbage bin.

Let's take the colourful magazine and read it.
Hmm, you need a job?
Prof. Bonny van Easten (yeah, my Bonny) is looking for a handyman/-woman/-creature for the construction of her new research station phase 2 at Bunny Bay.

She offers a nice and warm time-sharing sleeping bag (share partner is her scientific assistant) in the phase 1 hut, and free meals (self-prepared blueberry dishes mainly).

Doesn't sound too bad, huh?

Being invited for the job interview, you should wear an original black and green Nemesis T-shirt. You may take one from that pile over here.

Oh, I hear somebody coming. Why don't we hide behind the pile of Nemesis T-shirts and see what's going to happen?

Heiner arrives.
He looks at the garbage bin.
Heiner digs in the garbage.
Now he climbs up on the rim of the garbage bin, tucking his hands
and head deeply into the garbage rummaging around in it.
Heiner takes a mink fur from the garbage bin.
He waves the mink fur high up in the air triumphantly.
Heiner takes an aquamarine cone bra from the garbage bin.
He waves the aquamarine bra stolen from Madonna high up in the air 

Heiner checks his belongings.
He dresses up, now wearing a mink fur and an aquamarine cone bra. He is looking down at his pointy bra tips in a puzzled way and starts searching his bra.
Heiner turns red as he notices that the shopkeeper is watching him.
He quickly sells a beach towel, a plastic pail and a rat skeleton, and leaves south.

Some weirdo, that Heiner, or what? But I can tell you, I know why he behaves like that: somehow I made him do that... ;-) So, if you meet him one day in Nemesis, don't be afraid of him. He actually is a nice guy.

I will step on my hover shield now and will be gone with the wind to enjoy a good book in the rocking chair in my private lounge.

Hope to see you soon again, when I am back with a new feature story for the Nemesis News.
My name is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer. Good night, and take my advice: don't search your bra while wearing it.