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Nemesis bulletin boards: Complaints bulletin board, note 12

Re: Read or Look at Signs?? (Kiri, Jun 12 2016, 62)
There are lots of signs, signposts and whatever where something is written
on what an adventureress or an adventurer could or should read.
And I know that it is boring AND NOT FUNNY at all to "explore" which signs
you have to read and which signs you have to examine or look at :-(
There are signs players must examine as you can't read them - "Read? Huh?"!
But also the other way round: signs you must read as if you try to examine
them, you get something like "Perhaps you should read it!" :-( Or the worst
case: you get the Nemesis standard item:
"You examine the sign. 
It's a special dungeon item used to point
in directions, to give warnings, or to say 
something special about an extra exit.
Most time there is something written on 
a sign - so why don't you try to read it?"

Ok, yes, sometimes you find a nice joke about those signs - very seldom! :-(
Most of the time it is really annoying!

In my opinion there are 2 possibilities for these "varieties" of signs:
- The wizards/coders wanted to give players shit (yes - these words!). But  
  the 20th sign you "should read" (perhaps?) after 20 signs you could not
  read at all? Not to forget those signposts that don't exist as you can
  not examine them: standard item (see above) or "Can't find any signpost
  here". Very funny!! :-(
- The laziness of wizards/coders (ok, I won't call it "thick-headedness"):
  Simply said: somebody was too lazy to add an action for reading the sign
  that is mentioned in the room description. Or the other one who cloned a
  generic treasure: He/she(/it?) set the short description to "a signpost"
  and the long description to the content of the signpost. In order to
  prevent adventurers from carrying it away, he/she made it really heavy!
  COOL - NOT!! But LAZY!!!

Resume: I WILL NOT accept signs, signposts, etc. that don't support both:
examining AND reading AND in both cases a real piece of information!!!!
No, a statement "but you have to read a sign" is bullsh..! ;-) In real life
I don't read a sign with one, two or perhaps five words on it. I can say I
am intelligent enough to look at it and "get" it! ;-P And dissing players
with lousy jokes is really annoying ...

                  Kiri the Bald (playing as Rueby & annoyed by those signs)

PS: No excuses, sorry ;-) Only if there is a real joke :-) Or the text is
  really long on that sign! Not to mention books or magazines etc.
PPS: Within the new Nemesis Village all signs etc. can be read AND examined!
PPPS: Wizards might like to read my note "obj/sign: improved" dated from
  July 18th 2016 on the documentation board in the inner guild - also
  available here: https://nemesis.de/lpc/board/7/ .

On this board you can write any complaints you have.
Wizards will look at it regularly.
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