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Document Path: /doc/build/weather.advice

Welcome back to our show!!!

I hope you all have studied /doc/build/weather well because in this text I am
not going to discuss how to use the weather but what weather to use in which

First about the use of the different WEATHER values.

'Outside' ought to be set in all rooms that are totally exposed to the weather.
          The players in these rooms will feel the full weather influence. 
'Shelter' is for arcades etc. where the players are not directly exposed to the
          weather. The messages to the players will be prefixed with "Around
'Inside'  should be choosen for closed rooms that allow something like a look
          out of the window (living rooms, not dungeons). The messages will be
          prefixed with "Outside...".
'None'    is for rooms that have absolutely no weather.

Remember that the light status of rooms with the first three values depends on
day and night. If you really want to make the light permanent please mention a
light source in the descriptions of the rooms. That is not so much needed with
'inside' but an 'outside' room with permanent light would be ridiculous.

When you design your castle give the players a chance to have a look at the
actual weather before they really step outside. So make the entrances to your
buildings 'shelter' or 'inside'. So the players can open their umbrellas before
the lightning strikes them.

Now about the climate. I hope I planned enough different types to satisfy all
needs. You have the choice. And please make sure that there is no direct
connection between totally different climates. Put a room with an intermediate
climate between them. And mention the type of the climate somewhere in the
descriptions of the rooms.

Here is a table of all the different weather effects :

        |                  W E A T H E R   C O N D I T I O N
CLIMATE |0 very good  |1 good       |2 normal     |3 bad        |4 very bad
0 Normal|sun shines   |sky clear    |cloudy       |raining      |thunderstrom
1 Bad   |foggy        |drizzle      |rain         |downpour     |hurricane
2 Tropic|sun blazes   |sunshine     |few clouds   |windy        |heavy rain
3 Jungle|hot and humid|damp         |wet air      |raining      |shower
4 Desert|sun burns,dry|very warm    |dry air      |windy        |sandstorm
5 Arctic|sun glitters |chilly       |snowclouds   |snowing      |blizzard
6 Sea   |calm sea     |breeze       |windy        |stormy       |spring tide
7 Fog   |foggy        |fog/drizzle  |fog/rain     |fog/rain     |heavy fog/rain

I hope you know now what weather your castle is going to get.
Keep on hacking

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