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Document Path: /doc/helpdir/talk

Command: talk/converse - puts you in conversation mode

	'talk' or 'converse' puts you in conversation mode that is to say
	everything you type (meaning lots of messages), you 'say' or you
	'tell <being>'. You do not have to type 'say' or 'tell <being>' for
	every single message.

	Without argument, it works corresponding to 'say': all being in
	the same room hear what you say.

	With argument you send messages to a specific being only. They can
	be anywhere in Nemesis (works corresponding to 'tell', which costs
	spell points).
	In order to switch from conversation mode back to normal command
	mode just enter '.' or '**'.

	'!' is interpreted as an escape to the normal command mode that
	is to say you leave the conversation mode just for this one command
	(e.g. 'look', entering '!look') and your next input will be in
	conversation mode again.

	talk <being>
	converse <being>

	talk						starts conversation:
	Conversation mode. Enter '.' to terminate.
	Nemesis] Hello guys!				says 'Hello guys!':
	You say: Hello guys!
	Nemesis] !look					executes 'look':
	You are to the east of a forest edge.
	Merchant Road leads west and east.
	To the east you can see city walls.
	   There are two obvious exits: west and east.
	Guestner the friendly visitor (curious).
	Xy the utter novice (neutral).
	A bag.
	Nemesis] !get all				executes 'get all':
	You take a bag.
	Nemesis] hehe - I got it			says 'hehe - I got it':
	You say: hehe - I got it
	Nemesis] .					ends conversation:
	Conversation ended.

	talk xy					   starts conversation with Xy:
	Conversation mode. Enter '.' to terminate.
	Nemesis Xy] Hi Xy				tells Xy 'Hi Xy':
	You tell Xy: Hi Xy
	Nemesis Xy] !look				executes 'look':
	This is the harbour Nemesis Harbour formerly
	known as Nemesis West or West Harbour. To the
	west lies the ocean. Attached to the wall is a
	map of the known world.
	   There is one obvious exit: east.
	A list of the ships.
	A table of the ships.
	A city guard.
	A lantern.
	Nemesis Xy] How are you today?			tells Xy 'How ...?':
	You tell Xy: How are you today?
	Nemesis Xy] I'm fine!				tells Xy 'I'm fine!':
	You tell Xy: I'm fine!
	Nemesis Xy] **				     ends conversation with Xy:
	Conversation ended.

	Using 'talk <being>' costs spell points - corresponding to 'tell
	Now 'talk' also supports 'talk <nickname>@irc' (see also 'help tell'
	and 'help ircgate').

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