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Document Path: /doc/living/move_player

Lfun:	move_player - moves a living being around

	void move_player(string dir, string dest)
	void move_player(string dir+"#"+dest)

	Calling move_player in a living is the proper way to move it. It
	is used by the room system, whenever a player tries to move in a
	direction, specified in the exits array. If you want to make some
	extra moves, you should call move_player.

	The naming is a bit illogical for you can not only move players
	around, but every living being in the game, also monsters!

	Syntax 1: move_player(string dir, string dest)
		This is the normal and recommended syntax!
		The first argument is the direction and the second argument
		is the filename of the room (or an object) you wish to move
		the being in. The direction string is displayed to everyone
		in the room after the outmsg of the being.

	Syntax 2: move_player(string dir+"#"+dest)
		This is the OLD syntax! It's kept and just supported for
		compatibility! DON'T USE it any longer!
		The single argument is a string containing the direction
		and the filename separated by a '#'.
		Example: "out#room/workroom".

	The special direction "X" characterizes a teleport operation (with
	different msgout and msgin resp. mmsgout and mmsgin).

	ALWAYS use move_player to move players from a room to another!
	Move_player does much more than just move_object (or transfer)!

	And this applys also to monsters: Use move_player!

Return value:

	this_player()->move_player("into the castle", "d/nowhere/cas/entr");
	this_player()->move_player("south", "d/nowhere/cas/hall");
	this_player()->move_plauer("X", "guild/mages/master");

	In former times it was stated that move_player would return 1 on
	success and 0 if the living being cannot flee from enemies. This
	is not true. The return value has to be ignored.

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