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Documentation Area

Document Path: /doc/misc/A_new_Wizard_is_born_part1

                          Congratulations, Wizard!

    You have now become an apprentice wizard by reaching level 20. To
    become a full wizard (level 21) you need read some docs and information.

    But now you can join the mailing list wizards @ nemesis.de . Have a
    look at 'help lists' and subscribe :-)

    Your repertoire of commands has now been extended with some new wizards
    commmands. You can get help for those by typing 'help'. Most of those
    commands may be abbreviated by a single or two letters.

    You MUST use these new powers sensibly! From now on you are bound to the
    rules you will find by typing the command 'rules' as long as you have this
    scroll. Or later via 'man RULES' or via https://nemesis.de/lpc/man/RULES !
    Do this as your first action when you stop reading this text.

    To be able to obtain information about being wizard and Nemesis, you
    can use the 'man' command. Use it with the files you are told to read
    in this text.

    Before you get wizard you have to solve a wiz-test. This scroll explains
    how you can prepare best for the test.

    After you have read the rules, you should read 'man NEMESIS', to get
    special information about Nemesis. Then you should visit the info
    board, east from the church and the documentation board in the inner
    guild, and read the notes there. The documentations board is less
    important though, but you should read the notes on the info board closely.

    You can get there by using the 'goto' command, the filenames for those
    rooms are /room/info and /guild/adv/inner3. Finally you should visit
    /room/workroom, your future workroom.

    The test takes place at Leo, the Archwizard. He is located in
    /room/wiz_hall. To be able to try the wiztest, you have to ask an
    archwizard (a person with level greater than 44, you can use the 'p'
    (people) command to see the levels) to sponsor you. Good luck!

    After you have solved the test, you should inform you about coding, by
    reading 'man NEW_WIZ'. This text will help you get started.

    After that you should inform yourself about the documentation hierarchy
    in Nemesis. Take a look into the /doc dir and look around using the
    'cd' and 'ls' commands. Read the file /doc/README, if you want to obtain
    the whole Nemesis documention in one file.
    Now, this scroll can't guide you any further. You now know, how to find
    the docs and examples, and you know how you can get started. Now you
    can enjoy being wizard.

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