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Document Path: /doc/monster/set_cap_name

Lfun:	set_cap_name - setting a nicer name of a monster

	void set_cap_name(string cap_name)

	The name of set_cap_name might be mistakable. But it does what the
	name of the function says: it sets the variable cap_name in an
	obj/monster (clone or loaded object - use methods!).

	The set_cap_name call sets the cap_name of a monster that will be
	returned via the call query_name. This name is used in combat and
	many other situations, if the monster does something or something
	is done with it.

	In many cases set_cap_name is not needed as the default behaviour
	of set_name in obj/monster is fine: capitalising the given argument
	and storing it in the variable cap_name. For personal names this
	is good! But for all creatures without a personal name this looks
	ugly: "You hit Big rat hard.", "Wolf hits you.", etc.

	The call set_cap_name has been added to fix this! Therefore the
	string cap_name has to be lower case if it is not a personal name,
	not a proper name! It will be capitalised in standard objects and
	you have to do this if you use query_name() at the beginning of a
	sentence. See the examples below.

	In obj/monster now (August 2016) there is a small hack: if the short
	description set with 'set_short' starts with "a ", "an " or "the ",
	cap_name is set accordingly: "a rat", "an eagle", "the shark".
	Adding set_cap_name after set_short fixes problems if the "hack"
	goes wrong.

Return value:

	set_cap_name("an orc");
	set_cap_name("the goblin");
	set_cap_name("Prof. Olstoff")

	By using set_cap_name e.g. we get nicer combat messages like "You
	hit the big rat hard." or "The big rat misses you.", instead of
	"You hit Big rat hard." or "Orc misses you.".

	Set_cap_name was added in May 2016.

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