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Document Path: /doc/room2/page31

                                  CHAPTER 3                                     
Addendum - Changes, Fixes, Perspectives:

   Well, principally yes, the "main development of room2 is finished", but
   we have made some changes/fixes in room2 since Nemesis is up again since
   January 2015. And we will continue changing more ...

   As it is a bit buggy the old DOOR feature of EXTD_ROOM got a replacement.
   The states of a door (locked/unlocked & closed/open) are not kept clean
   over a reload/update of one room. Then the two sides of the door might
   show different states. I think there are more "interesting" features! :-(
   So Wastl coded door2! Documentation about these new doors are available
   via 'man build/door2'.

	- 'look <direction>' (e.g. 'look west') got disabled for various
	reasons: looking in every adjacent room, no matter, if it makes
	sense (in fog, into darkness, by night; sometimes even through
	closed doors); change of light level over the day not considered;
	no real possibility to control a 'look <dir>'; the implementation
	via an add_action "look" in the room-code where it should not be!
	- EXTRA_OBJECT is completely rewritten for various reasons: another
	implementation existed that is much cooler (see 'man room/produce');
	the coding had a strange approach via add_action "get" - this was
	not smart at all ;-) For details about the new implementation see
	page 20 or https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page20 .
	- 'search <item>' removed as now there is a general add_action
	'search' in obj/player - see 'man object/search' and 'help search'.
	- The previously undocumented feature "@@func@@" for dynamic items
	for all set_items-calls ("normal", day_items and night_items) now
	described on page 17 or https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page17 -
	uses process_string now (see also 'man efun/process_string').
	- set_items, set_day_items and set_night_items now support directly
	setting multiple IDs for items as an array:
		({ ({ "tree", "big tree" }), "A big tree" }),
	additionally to ({ "tree#big tree", "A big tree" }).
	- See "so-called night_items" below in "Fixes:" - it's a "change"
	and a "fix", too!
	- The READ_CMD feature (via EXTD_ROOM) now supports numbering via
	valid_id() - see 'man lib/valid_id'.
	- Just technically: the functions set_items (also day/night), id and
	long got optimized for a better performance.
	- Colours are added for the obvious exits. See the wizards board in
	the inner guild ('goto /guild/adv/inner'). Try 'set' (top line) and
	'set ansi'. Help and documentation is available: 'help set', 'help
	ansi' and 'man lib/curse_string'.

	- query_items, query_day_items & query_night_items could be called
	even if no such items are set: an empty array is returned.
	- The calls query_day_desc & query_night_desc are used to calculate
	long() of the room now. So these 2 functions now can be overwritten
	in rooms. Prior long() checked the variable and wrote it if set.
	- So-called night_items now are accessible (by code) if "it is too
	dark" in a room. IDs of a room should all be treated the same. The
	night items are still there, only the player could not see them. If
        something should not work in the dark, it has to be checked there.
	- Finally general "digging" documented: see 'man room/do_dig'.

	- Adding a simple 'read' add_action for sign etc. without EXTD_ROOM
	(see page 15 or https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page15 and page 18
	or https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page18 for EXTD_ROOM and page
	21 or https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page21 for the EXTD_ROOM
	feature READ_CMD).
	- Adding a "light-weight" solution for DYNAMIC_EXITS (without using
	EXTD_ROOM - see https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page19 or page 19.
	- Adding a "real" 'look <direction>' that asks the present room: If
	it thinks it is possible, it could ask the requested adjacent room
	if that room allows it, too. With useful predefined options that
	consider the light level here and there plus the possibility to do
	(code & control) all this on your own.
	- Adding some "multi map" support for magic maps - sometimes - see
	page 12 or https://nemesis.de/lpc/doc/room2/page12 .


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