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Documentation Area

Document Path: /doc/w/nemtest

Information: NemTest - the development and testing MUD of Nemesis

	NemTest (Nemesis test MUD) is Nemesis' development department
	for all kinds of testing and development.

	You can connect there via telnet://mud.nemesis.de:2001/ or with
	SSL/TLS via telnet://mud.nemesis.de:2021/ - see 'help connect'.
	NemTest is not accessible via the Nemesis MUD Web Client!
	Players have no access to NemTest!

	In NemTest (shortened "Test" compared with "Nem" for Nemesis)
	all kinds of development can be done and are done:
	- normal coding of rooms and objects within a domain or castle,
	- game development as modifications/improvements of the standard
	  room code and generic objects,
	- testing of new GameDrive features,
	- ...
	But this implies that NemTest might be restarted (after a short
	forecast lead time) anytime or it also might crash ...

	Diffences between both MUDs:
	- in NemTest no banishing of names - see 'help banish',
	- in NemTest no subscription to mailing lists - see 'help lists',
	- in NemTest the '#define MUD' results to "NemTest",
	- in NemTest the '#define NEMESIS' is false
	  but the '#define NEMTEST' is true,
	- all files in system directories might differ:
	  /obj/, /room/, /guild/, /include/, /etc/, /sys/, /usr/, etc.

	Commonalities of both MUDs:
	- these directories incl. their subdirectories are identical
	  as they are symbolically linked in the Unix filesystem:
	  /players/, /d/, /lib/, /doc/ and /text/ .
	This is the most important aspect: As the directories /players/
	and /d/ are identical in both MUDs your files are available in
	both MUDs!

	We try to keep the differences between both MUDs on a minimum.
	Therefore every morning both MudLibs are compared and the results
	(list of files with differences) are placed in /log/DIFF_MUDLIBS
	in NemTest.

	If you are a fresh wizard, please contact an Archwizard (see
	'help admin') to copy your data (aka .o-file) to NemTest. Also
	your testplayer can be activated there.

	MudFM checks your password with Nemesis, not with NemTest! Also
	your permissions for file access etc. are taken from Nemesis!
	Also the old-school MTP and Wizard-FTP also check the password
	with Nemesis!

	If your prompt is set to "host" or "hostpath (see 'help prompt'
	and 'help set'), you can distinguish where you are logged in
	which MUD.

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