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Adventurers' Help: adverbs

Information: Adverbs for <feelings>

	Here is a list of all available adverbs to be used together with
	"feelings" (see 'help feelings').

	Most of the adverbs may be abbreviated by the first three characters
	only, e.g. 'nod sat'.

	absentmindedly	admiringly	adoringly	aggressively
	agreeingly	aimlessly	amazedly	amazingly
	amusedly	angrily		anxiously	apologetically
	arrogantly	artificially	astonishedly	badly
	bashfully	bavarian	beautifully	bitterly
	boredly		bravely		briefly		brightly
	brilliantly	busily		carefully	carelessly
	cautiously	charmingly	cheerfully	childishly
	closely		comfortingly	confidently	confusedly
	contentedly	courageously	craftily	crazily
	cruelly		cunningly	curiously	cutely
	cynically	dangerously	deadly		deeply
	defeatedly	defiantly	definitely	demonically
	depressively	desperately	devilishly	diabolically
	directly	dirtily		disappointedly	disgustedly
	disgustingly	doubtfully	draconically	dreamily
	drunkenly	dumbly		eagerly		ecstatically
	egocentrically	egotistically	embarrassedly	emphatically
	encuragingly	endearingly	enthusiastically erotically
	evilly		exasperatedly	excitedly	exhaustedly
	expectantly	fanatically	fatherly	fearfully
	fiendishly 	fiercefully	foolishly	freezingly
	friendly	frigidly	frustratedly	funnily
	furiously	galactically	gallantly 	gently
	gleefull	glumly		goofily 	gracefully
	greedily	grimly		handsomely	happily
	harmonically	heartbrokenly	heavily		helpfully
	helplessly	honestly	hopefully	hopelessly
	horribly	hotly 		humbly		hungrily	
	hysterically	ignorantly	imaginatively	impatiently	
	inanely		innocently	insanely	insistantly
	instantly	intently	interestedly	involuntarily	
	ironically	jealously	jokingly	joyfully	
	knowingly	lazily		lingeringly	longingly	
	lopsidedly	loudly		lovingly	lustfully	
	madly		manfully	maniacally 	melancholically	
	merrily		mischievously	miserably	mousily		
	musically	mysteriously	nastily		naughtily	
	needily		nervously	noddingly 	noisily		
	normally	nostalgicly	painfully	passionately	
	patiently	patronizingly	peacefully 	perfectly	
	perplexed	personally	philosophically physically	
	playfully	politely	prettily	professionally	
	profoundly	promisingly	protectively	proudly		
	questioningly	quickly		quietly		quizzically	
	randomly	really		rebelliously	relievedly	
	repeatedly	respectfully	retardedly 	romantically	
	royally		rudely		ruefully	sadistically	
	sadly		safely		saintly		sappily 	
	sarcastically	sardonically	satanically	sceptically 	
	scornfully	scottish	searchingly	seductively
	sensually	seriously	sexily		shamelessly
	sheepishly	shyly 		sickly		sighingly
	silently	silly 		skillfully	sleepily
	slightly	slowly		slyly		smilingly
	snakishly	sniffingly	softly		solemnly
	spontaneously	squiekily	strangely	strongly
	stupidly	stylishly	submissively	suddenly
	sufferingly	suggestively	surprisedly	surprisingly
	suspiciously	sweetly		sympthetically	tearfully
	tenderly	terribly	testingly	thankfully
	theoretically	thoroughly	thoughtfully	tightly 
	timidly		tiredly		tragically	triumphantly
	truly		trustfully	ugly		unbearably
	uncontrollably	understandingly	undisciplinedly	unexpectedly
	unhappily	unknowingly	viciously	vigorously
	violently	virtually	warmly		wearily	
	wetly		wholeheartedly	wildly		wisely	
	wistfully	wolfishly	wonderfully	wonderingly
	wormily		worriedly	wryly

	<feeling> <adverb>

	nod satanically
	You nod satanically.
	nod sat
	You nod satanically.

	If you have any comments or suggestions to the adverbs, type:
		'idea soul <your message>'
	But please, give a reason or example, where you want to use the
	new adverb. Also take a look into the lists first - perhaps you
	find another yet existing adverb/feeling that serves you as well.

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