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Adventurers' Help: feelings

Command: <feeling> - group of commands for feelings

	Creatures have emotions and they want to show them!
	These general "feelings" are available in Nemesis (s.o.= someone):

	agree		ahh		apologize	applaud
	bang		barf		beg 		bite		
	blink		blush		bounce		bow		
	breath 		burp		cackle		caress		
	cheer		chuckle 	clap		comfort		
	congrat		cough		count 		crow		
	cry		cuddle		curse		curtsey		
	dance 		dance like <txt>		daydream	
	despair		disagree 	dream [about s.o]
	drool		envy		embrace		excuse [to s.o]
	eye		faint		fart		fear		
	five		flip		fondle		french		
	frown [at s.o]	fume		gape		gasp 		
	giggle		glare		gnash		greet		
	grimace 	grin		groan		grope		
	grovel		growl		grumble		gulp		
	headbang	hiccup 		hmm		hold		
	hold breath	howl		hug		hum 		
	jump 		kick 		kiss		kisshand
	knee 		kneel 		laugh [burst, crawl, prust]
	laugh [at s.o.]	lean		lick		listen
	lol		love	 	meditate	moan
	moonwalk	mosh		mourn		mumble
	muse		nag		nibble		nod (at s.o.)
	ovat		pace		pant		pat 
	pat s.o. on shoulder		peer		pinch
	point at sth	poke s.o. [eye, ear, stomach, nose]
	ponder 		pose		pogo		pout
	praise		puke		punch 		purr
	puzzle 		raise 		rejoice		retch		
	roll		rub <anything>	ruffle		ruminate
	scold		scratch 	scream		shake		
	shame 		shiver		shriek		shudder
	shrug		sigh		sing [s.o.]	slap
	smack		smile		smirk		snap
	snarl		sneeze 		snicker 	sniff
	snore		snuggle		sob 		spit
	sputter		squeeze		stare		stomp
	strangle 	stretch		stroke		strut
	stumble		sulk		swear 		sweat		
	tap		thank		think 		tickle 		
	twiddle		twinkle 	view		wait 		
	wander		wave		weep		whimper		
	whine		whistle		wiggle		wince
	wink 		wish luck	wonder		worship 	
	yawn		yowl

	<feeling> <being>
	<feeling> <being> <adverb>

	You smile.
	hug susan
	You hug Susan.
	shake susan happily
	You happily shake hands with Susan.

	See 'help adverbs' for the adverbs you can use with these feelings.
	Example: 'grin demonically'
	You may also use the abbreviation 'grin dem', as most of the time
	only the first three characters are needed.

	If you have any comments or suggestions to the feelings, type:
		'idea soul <your message>'
	But please, give a reason or example, where you want to use the
	new feeling or the adverb. Also please take a look into the lists,
	first, perhaps you find another yet existing adverb/feeling that
	serves you as well.

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