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Adventurers' Help: idea

Command: idea - reports an idea for enhancements

	Stores a message describing a change or enhancement to the game.
	The wizards will check and if possible implement the idea.

	The new reporting supports "tags" to say where your idea refers
	to, which <item> you would like to enhance. Possible "tags" are:

	    general  : a general idea, enhancement or improvement,
	    me       : an idea related to your own body,
	    soul     : an idea for the so-called soul e.g. a new verb or
	               adverb - see 'help feelings' and 'help adverbs',
	    here     : an idea related to the room you are in,
	    <item>   : an idea for enhancing a specific <item> in the room,
	               an <item> you carry around or a so-called room item
	               (mentioned in the room description) - numbering is
	               supported (see 'help numbering').

	All messages are very welcome, so do not hesitate.

	idea <tag> <message>

	idea general an award (1 mio. coins) for being the oldest character
	idea soul stick toe into eye
	idea here heal all players coming here
	idea bra make bras hit the opponents in combat not just tickle them
	idea short sword 2 make sword kill every opponent with one strike
	idea lawn describe every blade of grass

	"Tagging" an item can be done with several words like "gold bar"
	or "short sword 2" - numbering is supported (see 'help numbering').

	By using an appropriate "tag" AND giving a good description of the
	idea you help the wizards and arches to understand your suggestions
	and - perhaps - implement it.

	According to the "tag" your message is written to the corresponding
        log file: reports for "here" and "<item>" go to the log file of the
        creating domain (organized building area) or of the wizard, which
        are /log/<domain>.rep or /log/<wizard>.rep . "general" tagged ones
        are written to the file /log/IDEA and "soul" go to /log/IDEA_SOUL .

	By the way: the above examples of 'idea' won't be implemented. ;-)
	Thinking about it, they are just absurd examples...

	The support of "tags" was developed by Wastl ('whois wastl' or
	https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/finger/wastl ) in Summer 2016.

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