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Adventurers' Help: mailaddr

Command: set mailaddr - discloses your email address to Nemesis

	Optionally, you can store your email address in Nemesis.
	'set mailaddr' will change your stored email address to what
	you supply as argument.
	Without arguments, 'set mailaddr' shows your currently stored
	mail address.
	To remove your mail address just set it to 'none' by typing
	'set mailaddr none'.

	Please keep a correct working email address so that you can be
	reached if the game changes host or likewise.

	And, most important, if you forgot your password, you can reset
	your password yourself automagically if you have stored a valid
	address here - see https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/passwd and 'help

	Since January 2016 Nemesis has an email validation procedure:
	After setting/changing your mail address stored in Nemesis, an
	email is sent to your new address - see below at Examples:.

	To 'subscribe' to a Nemesis mailing list (see 'help mailing-lists')
	your email address has to be validated via the email validation
	procedure. It is our "Double opt-in" (DOI) - see
	https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opt-in_email .

	set mailaddr
	set mailaddr <mail address>
	set mailaddr none

	set mailaddr				shows your stored mail address:
	Your official mail address is: master@desaster.nodom
	                               (Jan 4 2016 16:50:31 validated)

	set mailaddr none			removes your stored address:
	Mail address changed to: none

	set mailaddr knight@the-knights.dom	sends you a validation request:
	Now, please check your email for knight@the-knights.dom and validate
	your address using the link in the mail.

	set mailaddr				shows the "half set" address:
	Your official mail address is: none
	Validation in progress for: knight@the-knights.dom

						the email from Nemesis with
						subject "Nemesis email address
						validation request" contains
						a link - by clicking it you
						get a notice within Nemesis:
	Thank you for validating your email address via HTTP!

	set mailaddr				and your email address is set:
	Your official mail address is: knight@the-knights.dom
                               (Jan 8 2016 17:26:54 validated)

	Keep in mind: As Nemesis is absolutely non-profit the mail address
	you enter here is only for administrative reasons, e.g. for the
	Password Reset service via https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/passwd .
	We DON'T give it away! It is NOT accessible for other players but
	only for Archwizards, the Administration of Nemesis (see 'help
	admin')! See also 'help privacy'.

	You can also use 'email <address>' to set a mail address and 'email
	none', 'unset mailaddr', 'set -mailaddr' or 'set mailaddr none' to
	remove it.

	The format of the given mail address has to be valid! ;-)
	Email addresses @nemesis.de are not accepted - it does not make
	any sense ;-) even for wizards - ask Kiri :-)

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