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Adventurers' Help: privacy

Information: privacy - privacy and data security in Nemesis

	First of all Nemesis is a private non-profit online project.
	Nemesis and its Administration does NOT pass on your personal
	data to anybody else. Quite the contrary Nemesis protects your
	data. Only trustworthy and reliable Archwizards of high levels
	(administrators) have access there - see 'help admin'.

	Your private data stored in Nemesis is used to ensure proper
	operating and to safeguard your identity and your access - all

	* Your stored email address (see also 'help email') enables the
	Nemesis password reset service, in case you forgot your password.
	See also https://nemesis.de/lpc/bin/passwd  and 'help password'.

	* A stored real name (even if not your "real name") might help
	to identify you, in case you forgot your password and there is
	no valid email address stored - see also 'help realname'.

	* You can join the Nemesis mailing lists as well if you have
	validated your email address - see also 'help lists'.

	Within Nemesis, in the game, life is an image of real life (RL),
	plus some kind of magic. In RL there are more or less hidden
	surveillance cameras, in Nemesis there is a lot of magic! So
	keep in mind, there might be someone who observes you, even if
	you can't see or recognise it: an invisible wizard, a wizard
	who is wiretaping you (for debugging reasons) or other types
	of magic. So simply behave like in RL (except for carrying off
	almost everything and for killing creatures) or you might be
	caught in the act ;-)

	There are security flaws in the communication on the internet.
	Therefore Nemesis recommends secured connections via SSL/TLS,
	also to connect to Nemesis itself. Our Web Client is encrypted
	via SSL/TLS. See also https://nemesis.de/connect/ or 'help
	connect' as quick reference card.

	This document is not legally binding. Obligatory is only the
	Datenschutzerklaerung (German, English: data privacy statement)
	available on our website: https://nemesis.de/contact/ .

	However, your email address is open at least to Archwizards of
	high levels (administrators). So we cannot totally prevent
	malpractice. Please report to admin @ nemesis.de if you think
	there is a problem.

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