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Adventurers' Help: search

Command: search - lets you take a very close look at something

	With 'search <item>' you have a very close look at items you have
	in your 'inventory' ('help inventory'), items lying in the room
	you are in, or items only mentioned in the description of the
	room (so-called room items).

	Most of the time nothing will happen: "You find nothing." But
	here and there you might find something or get a hint or ... And
	sometimes it could help to search twice or more often.

	If you search containers like bags or chests (see 'help put' and
	'help get') the content of the container will be listed, in the
	same way as with 'examine'/'look at'. Or, when the container is
	closed, you will get a hint at least that there might be something
	in it.

	But be aware: if you find something in a room, you don't take it
	automatically! And if you find something in an item you have in
	your 'inventory', you will drop it if you can't carry more!

	You can also search "item number X" - see Examples: below and
	'help numbering'.

	Sometimes even beings can be searched. And again: sometimes it
	might help to search twice or more often.

	search <item>

	search rubbish
	search bones
	search bag 2

	'search' can be abbreviated to 's', 'se', 'sea', etc. No, this is
	no problem with 's' for 'south or 'se' for 'southeast'! If there       
	is no argument, it will be interpreted as 's' or 'se'. But if you
	give an argument, e.g. 's sofa' or 'se sign', 's' or 'se' are taken
	as 'search' ;-D Cool ...
	For wizards only the abbreviation 'se' is available as 's' stands
	for 'stat'.

	'search' was added as a standard command in February 2016 also for
	the first egg hunt (see 'help egg-hunt') in 2016.

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