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Quests in Nemesis

Recover and destroy Sauron's One Ring:

     When Sauron was defeated during the War of the Rings, everybody
thought that he was gone for good.  Wrong!  Sauron has returned to the
land of Mordor, and he has somehow found his Ring.  There are five
people who, when they combine their wills and powers, can take the
Ring from Sauron and destroy it for good.  You are one of these people.
However, the other four have been, in one way or another, trapped
throughout the islands of Malrigor and Koa.  It is up to you to rescue
these people and bring them to the Dark Tower where you will win back
the One Ring and cast it into the Orodruin just as Frodo once did.
The four are: the Child, the Samurai, the Wizard and the Thief. One
can be found in Osgiliath, Gorgoroth, Elek'Kinura and Abriymoch.
     The quest takes place on the Western end of Malrigor in the land
called Mordor.  You can get to Mordor via a boat rental West of the
Malrigor Port.  However, there is another entrance to the west, perhaps
a better one, that is on the Island of Koa.  The quest will take you
into the depths of Hell through Malrigor and Koa.
     Once you find each member you will always have credit for finding
him, even after you quit.  All you have to do, when you are ready to 
solve the quest, is go to the first room of the Dark Tower and type 
'reset quest'.  All the members that you have found, but who are not 
currently with you, will be returned to you.
                                 Domains Under and Orient
This is a quest for adventurers of level 19.

There are currently 15 quests in Nemesis:

The museum has some tasks for youfor level 3
Do a good deedfor level 4
Retrieve Susan's ringfor level 5
Solve Joker's puzzlefor level 7
Find the end of the magic pathfor level 8
Kill the Wumpus!for level 10
The Dionysos Earfor level 12
King Arthur has some tasks for you in Camelotfor level 14
Dance with aristocratsfor level 15
Discover the northpolefor level 16
Find the colours of a rainbow to help a soulfor level 16
Find the entrance to Glantrifor level 17
Return the objects of powerfor level 18
Bring back the Hammer of Thorfor level 18
Recover and destroy Sauron's One Ringfor level 19

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