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Connect to Nemesis!

First: In case you have forgotten your password, but entered a valid email address before, you can generate a new password. But your configured email address must work!
Second: Here is the quick reference card to connect to Nemesis - within Nemesis use 'help connect'.

Web browser:

HERE comes our still experimental Web Client to play Nemesis! Feedback is appreciated!
Nevertheless as a real MUD client offers much more we recommend to download a MUD client (see also our list of MUD clients):

Unix-like systems:

If you are using a Unix-like system it is very easy:

Microsoft Windows:

On Windows you have 3 options (to be honest there are 2):

Smartphones & tablet computers:

Basically on smartphones and tablets there are 2 option, too:

Losing connection to Nemesis:

If you often lose your connection to Nemesis, especially while being idle (that is to say: doing nothing), this is neither caused by nor intended by Nemesis! But Nemesis offers a feature that might help to avoid this: see 'help keepalive' and 'help set'. By the way it's perfectly acceptable to stay idle in Nemesis - even for extended periods of time.

About MUD clients:

Generally speaking, a MUD client is more powerful and userfriendly than a raw connection via telnet: At the least, "command-line-editing" and a "command history" of previous commands to correct typos. Have a look at our small list of MUD clients in the Download section.

Alternatives & options:

Securely and encrypted you can connect to Nemesis via port 2020 or port 20000 using SSL/TLS. Unfortunately only very few MUD clients support this - see Download. But you can use Stunnel (homepage) to get an encrypted connection to Nemesis to host mud.nemesis.de and these to ports.

Alternatively to port 2000 you can also use port 2005 or port 23 (standard telnet-port), both for unencrypted connections. E.g. try 'telnet mud.nemesis.de 2005' or 'telnet mud.nemesis.de 23' (or 'telnet mud.nemesis.de' without port number, as port 23 should be default) if port 2000 is blocked by a firewall/packetfilter respectively blocked by another service like Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP, VoIP stuff by Cisco Systems).

The formerly easiest way was to enter the telnet URL in a browser, but browser manufacturers no longer support the format telnet://mud.nemesis.de:2000/ :-(

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