Welcome to Falbala's Wizard Page!

My name is Falbala the scientific Text Tinkerer (still satanic), the wizard formerly also known as Falbala the fresh wizardess (satanic - of course).
As an adventurer in Nemesis I started out as an utter novice - just like anybody else in Nemesis. You can check the whole bunch of titles for adventurers corresponding to levels here. But that's history for me now. As a wizard you can create your title yourself. I choose mine because I like writing for the Nemesis News - among other stuff.

Don't let my name lead you astray:
Although I am quite tall, have waistlong hair, am not too fat - just a little bit, I also have a shield, and I even sometimes carry around rotten fish ... my hair is braided and blue, my shield is a hover shield, I have a scar on my left leg, my right leg and my forehead. I usually wear a PINK mink fur, a black and green Nemesis T-shirt of course, a speaking earring and my climbing boots (I made them myself). My wielded weapon is Snake's staff (glowing) and I carry a Code reader, the Viking's Club membership card and a little blue dragon around as my basic equipment. My raven Rumburak, a present from a friend, flew away during a crash :-(

Here you can read my feature stories for the Nemesis News:
Pool Talk
Shop Talk
Cemetery Talk

And here you will find my Interview with Prof. Archibald Olstoff on the Methodology of the Solutions of Quests.

If you have never been in the world of Nemesis or any other MUD before, my text on How to start - Some useful hints for really utter novices will probably be helpful for you.

And here you find a list of the Homepages of some other Domains & Wizards of Nemesis.
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