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How to start - Some useful hints for really utter novices

This how-to is also available as PDF.


Welcome, adventurer!

If you have never been in a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) before, this is the right place for you to get information for a quick start:
When entering the fascinating - and 100% free of charge (for all levels)! - world of Nemesis for the first time you start out as an adventurer in level 1. In order to advance levels you need to solve certain quests according to your level and you need to gather experience points. After having reached level 20, you may take the Wizard Test. If you pass it, you will become a wizard and are allowed to start coding - if you wish to. That's why Nemesis is really absolutely free of charge: We are all doing it for the fun of it - and may be even learn something about programming and train the English language... :-) Don' t worry if you have never coded before: there are the help pages, a tutorial, a manual and "older" wizards, who will help you, if you really want to learn it.

Connecting to Nemesis

The easiest way is our brand new Web Client which is in development and still experimental. Feedback is appreciated.

Else you download a MUD client, for example MUSHclient (for Windows users):

After downloading MUSHclient click on "File", then "New World". A window will open. Now enter the following:

World Name: 'Nemesis'
MUD (TCP/IP) address: 'mud.nemesis.de'
Port Number: '2000'

And finally click these buttons: "Save World Automatically On Close" and "OK".

For further information and a list of various MUD clients see the sections Download and Connect on our Homepage.

Choosing a name

When connecting to Nemesis you will be asked for your name. The quickest way will be to just type in 'guest'. This is OK for having a look around and getting a first impression of the game. But if you would like to continue playing saving your achievements, you will have to choose a name of your own.
Some players take their real first name, such as Peter or Susan. But you also might seize the opportunity to take on a fantasy name and invent a character totally different from your real life. When making your decision just bear in mind that the name should neither be too long nor complicated - this will make MUD life much easier for your co-players, wanting to communicate with you, and yourself.

If you have typed in your desired name, and this name has already been taken by another player, you will have to think about an agreeable alternative name then.

Choosing a password

The password must have at least 6 characters and must contain at least one uppercase letter.

You will be asked to enter your desired gender (male, female, or neuter) for your character then and your email address: This is important to reset your password in case you forget it, and data privacy is respected by us - only high level coders will have access to your email address. But you do not have to enter your email address, if you prefer not to. Just type in 'none' then.

Now you will get a message, such as:
"You are now Heiner the utter novice (level 1)."
Which means, you (Heiner, or whatever name you have chosen) made it - you are in the game!

Examining your first room

Your "birthplace" in the game is the local village church. You will know where you are by reading the room description, which you get "automagically" by entering a room, or by entering the command 'look' (on how to abbreviate commands see: 'help abbreviate' on our help pages: 'help'):

"You are in the local church of Nemesis Village. The church provides the
service of reviving ghosts. Souls come to the church and pray.
There is a clock on the wall and a huge pit in the center of the church.
To the east is an opening to the town hall with the Nemesis Info Centre
on the groundfloor. There is a closed door in the western wall and a
button beside the door.
    There are two obvious exits: south and east.
A lighted candle.
On the wall hangs a calendar.
An important sign.
A paper with hints."

Information about a lot of things respectively items are provided by entering the command 'examine <item>'. Now try 'examine clock', 'examine wall' etc. Notes, signs, papers, boards etc. can usually be read: 'read note', 'read sign', 'read paper', 'read board'.

Many of the mentioned items can also be searched, and sometimes you will find stuff you can even take: 'search clock', 'search rubbish', 'search sofa', 'get coins' or 'take coins', 'get candle' or 'get all'. As there are day and night in Nemesis and in some places it is even always dark, candles are really useful - for the beginning. Later on you will find other means of light (sticks, torches and more), as candles burn down quickly... So, better douse it ('douse candle'), as long as there is enough light without a burning candle (if needed again, you will have to 'light candle'), take a couple of them, and put them in a bag, or they might get wet outside, because we also have various weather conditions in Nemesis. A new candle will be put in the church everytime you enter the room.

Moving around

So, now leave the church using the command for the direction of your desired exit. The obvious exits are mentioned below the room description. In some places you might also try these commands: 'enter', 'out', 'climb', 'climb tree', 'leave' ...

In the church the note about the obvious exits says:

"There are two obvious exits: south and east."

Entering 'east' will make you leave the church and enter the Info Centre. Here you can examine the room and read stuff like you did in the church. Take a virtual Nemesis T-shirt by 'get shirt from pile' and 'wear shirt'. After doing this try the command 'inventory', which will show you what you carry around. You should have a useful watch now. Items in your inventory can also be examined.

When going back west to the church you can take another candle. Move east and west a couple of times always taking a candle in the church and dousing it.

What you can do - actions

By entering the command 'time' your watch will inform you about the time. If you are lucky, you can see without a burning candle. Otherwise light a candle and then go and explore Nemesis Village. A bag for your candles and other stuff you find can usually be found going east on High Street, then turning south passing the pawn shop, the bank, and the post office. Then turning east again. If somebody else has already taken it, a new bag will be created after a while (the so-called "reset", taking place every hour or so). For the beginning this simple bag will do. Having gained more experience you might want to try getting a leather bag, an alligator skin bag or others. In order to acquire these bigger bags you have to fight - or buy them in a shop.

A bag can also be examined to see if there is something in it. You can take stuff from it with the commands 'get coins from bag', 'take coins from bag', 'get knife from bag', 'get all from bag' or 'take all from bag'. Put a candle into your bag by typing 'put candle in bag'.

What you need now is to find a weapon and armour. Good places for novices just collecting stuff are either the city of Skara Brae, going east on High Street, or the jungle, going west on High Street and then turning north. When you have found some, do not forget to wield, respectively wear them: 'wield knife', 'wield sword', 'wear jacket', 'wear armour'.

Now, you are ready to fight! Start with easy monsters such as the rats in the jungle, using the command 'kill rat'. After you have killed a monster, don't forget to 'examine corpse', as many monsters have useful stuff you can take with the command 'get all from corpse' or 'take all from corpse'.

In order to fill up again your hit points after fighting (or even during a fight, if it is a strong monster!), you can either wait a while (the monster will then regain its points as well though) or go to a pub and have a drink: 'order beer' and 'drink beer', which will let you heal faster than the monster.

If you have not found enough coins for the drink, you first have to go to a shop and sell some stuff you have found. You can also buy things there. Some might be useful...

How to communicate with other beings

When meeting other adventurers or wizards you might want to communicate with them. Use the command 'say Hi!' or 'say Hello.' for example. Also 'ask Can you please tell me the way to the shop?' works. Just type 'say' or 'ask' before your message, separated by a space. 'ask' is synonymous with 'say', no matter if it is really a question.

By entering 'who' you will have a look at a scroll of adventurers and wizards currently logged in. As 'say' only lets you communicate with others in the same room, you can use 'tell' to reach someone anywhere in the game: 'tell susan Where are you?' for example. Do not forget to enter the name of the one you wish to send the message to after the 'tell'.

For other ways of communication see the help pages about 'shout' and 'whisper'.

How to interact with other beings

Useful commands for interaction with other beings are 'greet', 'bow', 'hug' and more: 'greet kiri', 'bow teddy'. These so-called feelings also work with most monsters: 'hug duck'. Via 'help feelings' you get a complete list of all available feelings.

And now, adventurer, go on exploring the fascinating world of Nemesis! Happy to see you there! :-)

*wave*, Falbala

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