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June 26th 2017:
The new project Bring life back to MUDs (BLBTM) on facebook lists Nemesis as one of the first MUDs after contacting Snake: "Nemesis Mud".
April 29th - May 1st 2017:
Nemesis was presented at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 18.0 (VCFe) in Munich, Germany! Again there was a tournament: the two adventurers who have gained the most experience points (XPs) at the VCFe won a real Nemesis T-shirt each! The results are listed in the Nemesis Information Centre east from the village church in Nemesis Village.
The new location of the VCFe, the Kulturzentrum Trudering (arts centre in Trudering, a city district of Munich), is really great: The building is modern and new, the hall, where the exhibition was, is appropriate. The power supply is adequate - no blackouts! ;-) We had less work preparing the room. And a curry house called "Restaurant Taj" is just opposite the hall offering fine food!
Hans, the Master of VCFe, really did a good job finding this location!
April 26th 2017:
Kiri picked the lately ordered and now finished RL Nemesis T-shirts up at A&J Textilwerbung GmbH.
YOUR orders, please!
April 25th 2017:
Preparing for the VCFe 18.0: The lately ordered RL Nemesis T-shirts are ready.
April 23rd 2027, just after midnight:
The bunnies carrying baskets disappeared ... but perhaps there are some eggs left ... somewhere ;-) ...
April 16th 2017, aka Easter Sunday, sometime after 0:00h CET (UTC/GMT: April 15th, 11pm):
In-game Event: Easter Bunny Invasion! Still mysterious seasonal behaviour of bunnies:
8 Nemesian years of scientific research have only shown that there will be a phase of odd behaviour of bunnies again quite soon.
Prof. Bonny van Easten, head of the Department of Biology, University of Skara Brae, has found definitely non-ambiguous evidence that a vast quantity of adult bunnies carrying baskets will enter a certain ship named Eggshell (a real cockleshell) at Bunny Bay sometime after midnight on Easter Sunday, 2017, Munich time. One part of the herd will then leave the ship at the harbour of Nemesis Village and invade South Nemesia, while the others will do so at the harbour of Planeland. - Exactly that happened about 8 Nemesian years before. But why are the droppings the bunnies loose during this phase so different from the ones they usually drop...?
As Prof. Bonny van Easten and her department are still at their wit's end, she decided to team up with some other scientists and try an approach for multidisciplinarity.
For further information see: 'help egg-hunt' and here.
Very important but also very blatant for the egg hunt: the command 'search'! See 'help search' and also here about 'search'.
April 13th 2017:
Kiri has placed a new order of RL Nemesis T-shirts at A&J Textilwerbung GmbH, Munich/München.
April 7th 2017:
Hans, the Master of VCFe, has put our registration text for the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 18.0 (VCFe) online.
April 5th 2017:
Preparations for the VCFe 18.0 go on:
Now we have some quick documentation for the GSG15VT terminals :-) Hopefully both GSG15s, Snake's and Kiri's, will be usable with a MUD client there this year.
And Snake wants to check his NeXT soon.
April 1st 2017:
Sorry for the unplanned outage on Saturday morning :-( But, ey, Nemesis was running throughout 120 days - due to a cyber attack the last restart was on December 1st last year! :-D
On April 1st a process on the server, where Nemesis' virtual host lives, went berserk. After we had recognised this, Snake also upgraded the operating system (FreeBSD) as Nemesis had crashed anyway due to the massive overload. Best opportunity to do this!
March 26th 2017:
The wizard Metall's talk "Nemesis - ein typisches MUD im Deutschland der Neunziger" (PDF, German only, "Nemesis - a typical MUD in Germany in the 1990s") on the history of MUDs in general, as well as the development of Nemesis is now available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsvG5MjoqcE - unfortunately the recording is not complete :-( The video was made at the RETROpulsiv 6.0 at the Hochschule Augsburg (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg) in Augsburg, Germany, in November 2015. Thanks to BaGgAcFrEaK for posting the video on his playlist "Retro und Konsolensachen". The manuscript of Metall's talk is available in the Publications Section of the Nemesis Download Area.
January 21st 2017:
26 years of Nemesis - Birthday Celebration virtually in Nemesis and RL. The wizards Metall, Falbala, Damaris, Snake, Myrnek, Teddy and Dagobert came together at Kiri's and Wastl's court in Villa Pasingas. Also in every respect young players were present and some people joined in virtually.
January 18th 2017:
From now on players (and wizards) can stay in Nemesis disconnected and retain the equipment as long as they like! Well, ok, until the next restart of the game. We are working on this, too! :-)
You simply have to interrupt your session to Nemesis by disconnecting - either by the command 'disconnect' (see 'help disconnect' within Nemesis) or from your MUD client.
But keep in mind that 'quit' still is quitting the game with loosing your equipment and next time entering Nemesis in the village church - see also 'help quit'!
December 10th 2016:
Now that the generic shop system has been revised a bit, players can 'browse' the items available in the shops: before you buy some stuff, you can have a close look at it:
> browse shield
You have a closer look at the shield of hydes:
A shield composed of many layers of hydes wraped over and over upon
itself. Traditionally worn by orcs, it is a mighty shield blocking
countless blows offered by enemies. By the slashes upon it's face,
you percieve that it was an item of great importance.
Mr Olstoff will charge you 200 coins for the shield of hydes.
Also the output of 'list' got modified for better readability:
> list type boots
A pair of climbing boots.....200 coins | A pair of leather boots......350 coins
A pair of sollerets..........500 coins | Cloth and leather buskins....300 coins
A pair of spiked heels.......400 coins | ......................................
The appropriate commands in shops support numbering - see 'help numbering'.
Additional information for wizards: An option to name the shopkeeper has been added - see above: "Mr Olstoff will charge you ...". The 'sell' and store mechanism has been completely rewritten, so selling containers with content is handled predictably no matter what the content is and no matter how deep any content is tucked into one another. Further on, "lost storage rooms" (storages after reloading the corresponding shop) cram their range of goods at init, reset and clean_up into the new storage - without duplicates. There always is exactly one torch available - wet torches are dried ;-) And some minor bugs have been fixed in obj/shop and obj/storage. The exit 'out' in the storage has been fixed before in April 2015 to lead to the corresponding shop.
December 6th 2016:
Continuing the new tradition celebrating RL events and happenings during the cycle of the year in Nemesis, we have to say: it's Christmas time! ;-)
The public relations officer of "The Famous Nameless Pub" in Nemesis Village hired Harry the affectionate for a seasonal job. Nowadays too many adventurers prefer "Amylaar's tavern"!
The archwizard Teddy committed himself to persuade Harry and then equipped him with the proper outfit.
And Harry started about 0:30h CET (UTC/GMT: 11:30pm on December 5th) and did a heck of a job - till December 27th!
He always was busy somewhere in the Village or at the Harbour of Nemesis Village (West Harbour) when following his beloved Susan again ...
And he didn't stumble over the Chrismast tree on the Village Green in front of the church! It was decorated so festively!
November 28th 2016:
Digging in some archeological bits while searching something completely different (thanks to the adventurer Spam) Kiri discovered the oldest log file entries still existing. He has found them in the full tape backup Snake did in January 1994 after Nemesis had to go down at the Technical University of Munich (TUM): These are the oldest dateable traces we have found so far.
Additionally the last log entries written at the TUM were found: Armageddon was on January 21st 1994.
November 12th 2016:
Now we block multiple logins from the same IP address on port 23 (traditional 'telnet' port - see 'help connect') while still in "Logon" state (no name entered yet). There were too many login attempts from infected fridges, TV sets, etc. ... ;-)
BTW adventurers / players no longer get these "Logons" in 'who' anyway - the same as in the web version of LPC based part of this server.
October 23rd 2016:
The new reporting of bugs, typos and ideas coded by Wastl is active - see 'help bug', 'help typo' and 'help idea'.
September 15th 2016:
The manual page for "curse_string" for coding colours etc. is available. Please ALWAYS use this simulated efun to create colours etc.! And NOT the ANSI escape sequences directly as they are in /include/ansi.h.
September 7th 2016:
After a final bug fix (sorry!) the first step has been taken to put some colour into Nemesis: After the planned outage on September 3rd the first real ANSI colour support in Nemesis is active! It also supports escape sequences for bold, underlining and blinking. Now the "obvious exits" in room descriptions are tagged green bold. And important messages for you - as the case may be - will be written in red bold. But all this is customizable according to your wishes! :-) And now also the help pages are available respectively adapted - please see 'help ansi' and 'help set' - sorry for the short delay.
Addendum for wizards / coders: meanwhile a manual page about the ancient simulated efun "curse_string" - greetings to lynX - is available! Back in the days it was used nowhere (no MUD had colours at that time) and now Wastl pimped it.
September 3rd 2016, 14:00h - 16:00h CEST (UTC/GMT: 12:00 at noon - 2:00pm):
Planned Outage: On Saturday Snake upgraded the operating system of the host, Nemesis lives, to the latest production release of FreeBSD. Further on a new version of our special Nemesis GameDriver was activated. Please excuse for the downtime! This was originally planned for August 27th.
August 12th 2016:
The Tutorial of Advanced Room Programming is now revised. New and old wizards / coders should have a look at it - especially wizards from the old days at the last page: Addendum 2016 - Changes, Fixes, Perspectives. New wizards should read it completely ;-)
August 9th 2016:
A new issue of The Nemesis News, remember: the newspaper (not the colourful magazine!), has been just released - as planned! Within Nemesis it can be bought in all branches of the Nemesis Press Agency (npa) and at the kiosk near the Waste Harbour. These branches of the Nemesis Press Agency (npa) are in Garham (main branch), in Skara Brae, in Rafau and in Faroul's shopping centre. By the way the former agency in Nemesis Village moved to Skara Brae after the Great Earthquake in Whispering Bird 1413 (July 2015). But perhaps it is worth to visit it nevertheless. Also available for reading on the LPC based part of this server: https://nemesis.de/lpc/npa/1.
August 5th 2016:
Sorry, we kept you waiting for news for so long... But we haven't been twiddling our thumbs - in fact we have been really productive: May 24th 2016:
The Nemesis News, a newspaper in Nemesis, got prepared for new issues. All (further) issues will be available via the LPC based part of this webserver, too: The Nemesis News. Currently we are collecting articles for a new issue ...
May 2nd 2016:
All new players/characters created on the ancient DECstation 5000/200 - the local entity on the VCFe - have been copied to the real Nemesis as promised. Welcome, new adventurers, and happy playing :-)
April 30th - May 1st 2016:
Nemesis was presented at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 17.0 (VCFe) in Munich, Germany! The ancient DECstation 5000/200 was with us at the VCFe!
The results of the Nemesis tournament (at the VCFe) are shown in the Nemesis Information Centre east from the church in Nemesis Village.
Meanwhile the winners have got their Nemesis T-shirts!
Addendum: During the VCFe an invasion of mice and rats has overrun Nemesis Village - in both world: the real Nemesis and the local entity on the ancient DECstation 5000/200 at the VCFe.
April 13th 2016:
There was a problem with uploading files to a wizard's home directory via MudFM. This has been fixed now. It works.
Don't know what MudFM is? See 'man mudfm', the MudFM login page and about the development.
April 4th 2016, sometime after 0:00h CET:
The mysterious invasion of bunnies has come to the end: almost 4.200 eggs were hunted on Planeland and in and around Nemesis Village!
April 2nd 2016, 5:57h CEST (UTC/GMT: 3:57am):
Schorsch the brezenreiter appeared the first time in Nemesis Village:
> Schorsch rides in.
> look
This is the southeastern corner of the Central Square of the village.
In the midst of the square there is a beautiful roman fountain.
Through a narrow passage you can see the Famous Nameless Pub to the
southeast as you are standing a few meters in front of the northern
entrance of the town hall.
    There are four obvious exits: north, west, south and southeast.
Schorsch the brezenreiter.
A beggar.
A lantern.
> look at schorsch
This is Schorsch, the Munich Brezen Rider, on his horse serving free Brezen
(pretzels) holding up an old Munich tradition from 1318. In earlier times the
Brezen were for the poor only, but Schorsch is giving them to all Nemesians.
For more Info see: http://www.munichfound.com/article/brezenrider/
Schorsch is in good shape.
> Schorsch gives a pretzel to you.
> look at pretzel
You examine your pretzel:
A delicious looking bavarian pretzel.
> eat pretzel
Schorsch will return every year on June 24th and every Nemesian year on Blue Moon 6th and always stay for about 24h (RL).
April 1st 2016:
Now the new "Nemesis-HowTo.pdf" by Falbala also is available in HTML. See also here.
March 27th 2016, aka Easter Sunday, sometime after 0:00h CET (UTC/GMT: March 26th, 11pm):
The mysterious seasonal behaviour of bunnies has begun ... and will last until April 4th 2016 sometime after midnight!
March 22nd 2016:
SUPER HOT! Our brand new Web Client is online and fully operational! It connects you encrypted and secured (via HTTPS) to Nemesis and offers "command history" plus "command-line-editing" with your cursor keys. Snake made it and finished the first version of our Web Client! This is a real alternative to "raw 'telnet'" ;-)
March 21st 2016:
"How to start - Some useful hints for really utter novices" (PDF, English): the new introduction to play Nemesis written by Falbala is available in our Download section.
Addendum: Now also as HTML version available.
March 15th 2016:
Press report: Prof. Bonny van Easten, head of the Department of Biology at the University of Skara Brae has just released the results of her field research on the mysterious seasonal behaviour of bunnies:
A vast quantity - to be exact, the scientifically proven number of 3,794.287 in all (as of today, Nemesis time 14:54:32) and rising exponentially - of adult bunnies carrying baskets has been observed loafing near the jetty of Bunny Bay. Predictions based on stochastic evaluation state that the bunnies will enter a certain ship named Eggshell (a real cockleshell) sometime after midnight on Easter Sunday, 2016, Munich time. One part of the herd will then leave the ship at the harbour of Nemesis Village and invade South Nemesia, while the others will do so at the harbour of Planeland.
What the bunnies are up to exactly, and which role the baskets play in this scenario - we probably shall not know before then... scientists are at their wit's end!
Prof. Bonny van Easten has performed an extraordinary service to Nemesis as a Cognitive Biologist, having conducted several scientific studies favouring a computational and information-processing approach to encoding and decoding biological phenomena.
More "technical" details can be found here! And 'help search' might be useful, too ;-)
March 8th 2016:
Dagobert, the youngest wizard in Nemesis ever, has been born!
March 1st 2016:
After the new numbering of items, now adventurers can search all and everywhere: You can search items you carry (see 'help inventory'), items in the room you are in and items mentioned in the description of the room (so-called room items).
See 'help search'.
February 26th 2016:
Finally we have a much nicer and shorter address on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NemMUD!
Since September 2015 Nemesis is online on facebook.
Note: It was not so easy to find an address facebook accepts: we don't know why they reject addresses with "nemesis" in it :-(
February 17th 2016:
A newly developed lfun in obj/living fixes a very old problem. But now you can 'examine' an item in the room if you have an item with the same name. E.g. you can examine the ring fixed to the wall in the ancient mines on Planeland, even if you have a ring - simply use 'examine ring 2' (or 'look at ring 2'). This new numbering also works with 'get', 'put' and other commands - also with containers like bags (e.g. 'get torch 2 from bag 3' if you have two bags and there is a third bag in the room). For more details see 'help numbering'. With this feature we abolish the old restrictions, that numbering of items only works within ONE "inventory", the adventurer's/player's 'inventory', the "inventory" of a container or a room. And we expand the numbering of items to so-called room items, items only mentioned in the description of a room.
February 9th 2016:
Press report: After almost 8 Nemesian years of hard work on the management floors the NSA (Nemesian Shipowners Association) has accomplished its mission: Within a few Nemesian weeks (about one week in RL) the complete deep-sea navigation has been reorganized including all ships. Again Mr Thunken Shybs, vice-president of Royal Lines Plc. and still 5th spokesman of the NSA, had something to say: "We are very proud that our 8 years ago specified targets to improve the services on our vessels now are fully fulfiled. These plans were: We, the Royal Lines Plc. based in Garham and the other members of the NSA, hope you enjoy travelling on our beautiful ships with our new services."

We thank Mr Shybs for his saying. Additionally we would like to mention that the well-known wizards Kiri the Bald and Wastl the title less joined the NSA with their new yacht 'Hades' to keep an eye on those guys of the NSA. The dayage in most harbours is lower for members of the Nemesian Shipowners Association. For adventurers it is important to know that the 'Hades' is not part of the Nemesian public transport system. But you can explore the 'Hades' if you discover her in any harbour. Her home port is the Waste Harbour south of Nemesis Village.
Summary / cleartext: The complete management of ships sailing across the world of Nemesis has been rewritten by Wastl in coordination with Kiri and all ships have got revised (also by Wastl and Kiri) to comply with new features.
For wizards: now there is the generic object obj/ship_room for rooms on ships on deck additionally to obj/ship for the bridge (main control room of a specific ship). Have a look at an on-deck room of an existing ship and use '#include <ship_room.h>'.
February 6th 2016:
Snake upgraded the operating system of the host, Nemesis lives on, to the latest production release of FreeBSD. Please excuse for the downtime! Thank you, Snake! Also this has to be done!
January 27th 2016:
As planned: The new Nemesis mailing lists are fully active & ready for your subscriptions. You can subscribe to them within Nemesis.
See also: 'help email', email address validation and new mailing list subscription within Nemesis.
January 26th 2016:
Worldwide postal services got pimped: For adventurers this means really fast and cheap communication, e.g. between Skara Brae in South Nemesia and the island of Norstroe. Have a look on the map of the world of Nemesis. As a new generic object (obj/postoffice) is available, wizards (coders) should '#include <postoffice.h>' additionally to 'room2.h' to create a post office in their area. Now all existing post offices (listed in all offices) use the new generic object and are fully operational.
January 25th 2016:
Our new test MUD is up & running: telnet://mud.nemesis.de:2001/ - see also here! Nemesis' wizards and their testplayers have access.
IMPORTANT: The Nemesis test MUD is not for playing! It can crash or restart anytime as it also is for development and testing of new GameDrivers (GD)!
January 24th 2016:
Now they are complete: All help pages of the Adventurers' Help (inside Nemesis via 'help') are revised. For Falbala (meanwhile she "wizzed") and Kiri it took a while checking the textual correctness, hunting "bad English" and typos, changing to a uniform layout and writing missing help pages.
January 23rd 2016:
We had a wizard conference at Kiri's place, discussing a lot of game code topics:

Present wizards: Metall, Falbala, Snake, Myrnek and Teddy, Wastl and Kiri, both as host.
January 22nd 2016:
The new mailing list management within Nemesis is ready: With a validated email address (see also 'help email') players and wizards can 'subscribe'/'unsubscribe' to the new mailing lists from inside Nemesis. See also here!
Addendum: Since January 27th 2016 the mailing lists are ready & open for your subscriptions!
January 20th 2016:
Somehow a "twin birth" of wizards: Falbala the fresh wizardess (satanic - of course) and Wastl the title less (without an alignment).
January 6th 2016:
New simulated efun available: format_date.
January 5th 2016:
Press report: The members of the Nemesian Shipowners Association (NSA) agreed on a new uniform design for their ship tickets. Mr Thunken Shybs, vice-president of Royal Lines Plc. based in Garham (owner of "Princess of the Seas" & "Queen of the Seas") and 5th spokesman of the NSA, declared: "To prevent further falsifications of tickets, a decision had to be made. The loss of sales would have been enormous! Not to mention profit setback!" To avoid trouble with other shipowners, we show a ticket (here a used one) from the Northern Sea Inc.:
Journalist shows her ticket to you:
                .______________________________     ___________.
                | N emesian                    \   /           |
                | S hipowners          30 gold c\ /s           |
                | A ssociation                   V             |
                |                                |             |
                |           the Leif Erikson Drakkar           |
So, if someone offers you a passage on a ship and the ticket doesn't look like our sample, please don't hesitate: Contact any sheriff's office, e.g. in Nemesis Village.
See also: NSA founded and new deep-sea navigation.
January 4th 2016:
Hence Nemesis asks you to validate your email address stored in Nemesis: When logging in again from now on, once every player and wizard gets a "Welcome back email" (new adventurers/players get a "Welcome mail") if there is an address stored. By clicking the link in this "Welcome mail" you validate your address stored inside Nemesis. Changing the stored address within Nemesis also initiates the validation procedure (see also 'help email'). With this process we make preparations for our new Nemesis mailing lists coming soon (see also mailing list management, meeting and activation): It's our "Double opt-in" (DOI).
Once more Nemesis takes a step to more data integrity and against abuse. Other aspects for more security, data privacy & data integrity Nemesis offers: playing Nemesis secure and encrypted via SSL/TLS, HTTPS for our website and especially for MudFM and data privacy within Nemesis.
By the way also this feature was implemented via the LPC based part of this webserver.
December 30th 2015:
New simulated efuns available: valid_name and valid_mailaddr.
December 29th 2015:
Again some features have been added with MudFM version 3.51 (web-based MUD FileManager with editing etc.): (Reverse) sorting of directory listings e.g. by modification date, and viewing the contents of archives like .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 and .tgz files and extracting them directly within MudFM. And finally viewing binary files like pictures (.jpg, .gif) and PDFs if your browser can cope with those binary files or download them if not.
In the old days wizards (coders) had to code within Nemesis using ed, a line-based editor without fullscreen mode or write the programs on their desktop locally and then upload them via ftp or mtp. Very funny while debugging ...
See also: Wizards' Area and man mudfm.
The development of MudFM: The first version of MudFM, download with MudFM, the MudFM 'milestone' version and full read/write access as inside Nemesis with MudFM.
December 22nd 2015:
Now the new 'who' uses the new simlulated efun make_scroll (now also with the wizards' 'who'):
> who
                \                                                  \ 
                 |                Kiri the Bald (;-)                |
                 |         Teddy the bear (Mostly Harmless)         |
                 |        Angmar the wizard for tests (Mean)        |
                 | Scumbag from very ancient times (Kiri's testwiz) |
                 |      Falbala the master sorceress (satanic)      |
                 |         Sorak the master sorcerer (good)         |
                 |              Susan the witch (good)              |
                 |             Rueby the magician (evil)            |
                 |     Guestwitch the friendly visitor (curious)    |
            _____|_________________________________________________ |
           /                                                   / _ \|
          (                                                   (((@)))
See here who's logged in now - via the LPC based part of this server.
December 21st 2015:
New simulated efun make_scroll coded: From a few lines separated by newlines it creates nice "dynamic" scrolls - see above 'who'.
December 20th 2015:
Some fixes and changes on the Nemesis webpages are complete.
December 17th 2015:
And again more security & data privacy:
Now Nemesis offers a secure and encrypted option to connect: Via port 2020 and port 20000 you can enter the World of Nemesis using SSL/TLS.
See also: Connect section and Links to MUD clients in the Download section.
Other aspects of more security & data privacy: validation of stored email addreses as "Double opt-in" (DOI) for the mailing lists, HTTPS for our website and especially for MudFM (below) and data privacy within Nemesis.
December 16th 2015:
Again improving security & data privacy:
By now the Nemesis pages are available via HTTPS. For security reasons "normal" HTTP requests to MudFM are redirected to connect via HTTPS to httpS://nemesis.de/files/.
More about data privacy, data security & data integrity: validation of stored email addreses as "Double opt-in" (DOI) for the mailing lists, connecting to Nemesis via SSL/TLS (above) and data privacy within Nemesis.
December 13th 2015:
SUPER HOT! And now we have MudFM 2.12 (web-based MUD FileManager with editing etc.): Now via MudFM our wizards (coders) have the same read and write access to files and directories as inside Nemesis. E.g. direct editing of files in domain directories or log-files in /log/ via the web-browser.
See also: Wizards' Area and man mudfm.
The development of MudFM: The first version of MudFM, download with MudFM and the MudFM 'milestone' version and the latest version of MudFM.
December 7th 2015:
The new pile of RL Nemesis T-shirts arrived at Kiri's court in Villa Pasingas. All male sizes are available again!
December 3rd 2015:
The ordered pile of RL Nemesis T-shirt is ready. A&J Textilwerbung GmbH, Munich/München, has been very fast. Kiri will teleport them to his court within the next few days.
December 1st 2015:
Now the Tutorial of Advanced Room Programming (room2.h) is accessible more comfortable - in the Documentation Area via the LPC based part of this server.
November 30th 2015:
A new order for a new pile of RL Nemesis T-shirt was placed.
November 28th 2015:
Via the LPC based part of this webserver, the NEW searchable Players' Help is available - e.g. like 'help' or 'help look' inside Nemesis. See also the Adventurers' Area.
November 21st - 22nd 2015:
Nemesis was presented at the RETROpulsiv 6.0 vintage computer meetup in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. And again the ancient DECstation 5000/200 accompanied us - as at the VCFe 16.0 and the XzentriX 2015. Two pictures are already here on facebook. More to come here soon, we hope.
November 20th 2015:
The wizard Metall's talk on the history of MUDs in general, as well as the development of Nemesis ("Nemesis - ein typisches MUD im Deutschland der Neunziger", PDF, German only, "Nemesis - a typical MUD in Germany in the 1990s") now is online in our Download section.
November 20th 2015:
Now some pictures from the XzentriX 2015 where Nemesis was presented are online.
November 20th 2015:
Two photos of the open DECstation are online.
November 18th 2015:
New 'who' available for adventurers (players) in Nemesis:
> who
            \                                                     \
             |                  Kiri the Bald (;-)                 |
             |                Teddy the bear (idle)                |
             |   Scumbag from very ancient times (Kiri's testwiz)  |
             |           Wastl the master sorcerer (evil)          |
             |                Susan the witch (good)               |
             |            Eknomukko the magician (idle)            |
             |              Rueby the conjurer (nasty)             |
        _____|____________________________________________________ |
       /                                                      / _ \|
      (                                                      (((@)))
And who is logged in now? See here.
November 18th 2015:
The Nemesis-Webpage got some technical fixes and a favicon: <favicon-pic>
November 15th 2015:
Finally, the eyewitness report of the great earthquake is online. See also.
September 4th - 6th 2015:
Nemesis was presented at the XzentriX 2015 vintage computer meetup in Seeshaupt, Bavaria, Germany. Again the ancient DECstation 5000/200 accompanied us - as at the VCFe 16.0! Some photos are here or check here on facebook!
September 4th 2015:
Nemesis is on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nemesis-Multi-User-Dungeon/421102958087530! Do you like Nemesis?
Addendum: Since February 26th 2016 we have a shorter facebook address: https://www.facebook.com/NemMUD.
August 21st 2015:
Meanwhile Kiri has got the new pile of Nemesis T-shirts. Today the pile was teleported from Kiri's court in Villa Pasingas to Metall's castle in Suuapinga. The arrival was celebrated with real beer and some meat and sausages on the grillage. Contact admin [at] nemesis.de to order yours! Check here if there are shirts available at the moment! Prepare to wear!
August 11th 2015:
After a restart of the Nemesis-Gamedriver (GD), some bugs in the GD are fixed now. And the new efun uptime() is active.
August 7th 2015:
New pile of RL Nemesis T-shirt ordered!!!
July 31st 2015:
The new sorted 'inventory' command is fully active:
> inventory
Weapons:   A vampire sword (wielded).
Armours:   A junkmail (worn).
           A black and green Nemesis T-shirt (worn).
           Leonardo's blue bandanna (worn).
           A mink fur (worn).
           A pair of crab claws (worn).
           A gold chain (worn).
           A ring of protection (worn).
           Cloth and leather buskins (worn).
           A speaking earring (worn).
           A golden watch (worn).
Misc:      An alligator skin bag.
           An alligator skin bag.
           An alligator skin bag.
           A palantir.
The old version is still available via 'inventory old' or 'i o'.
July 27th 2015:
Virtualised Nemesis T-shirts enhanced! Check it out! And show it to other adventurers! Or much better: GET a REAL ONE! And show it to your RL friends ;-)
July 25th 2015:
Adventurers now can show what they have: 'show <item>' and 'show <item> to <person>' is active. See also: help show!
July 18th 2015, 19:00h CEST (UTC/GMT: 5pm):
A somehow very precisely forecasted earthquake took place in the World of Nemesis: The Nemesian Geological Association (NGA) predicted major changes on Nemesia, the island of Nemesis Village, where most adventurers start their expeditions. Dr. Shakin Planit (NGA spokesman) reported all is well after the earthquake! The Island of Nemesia has changed quite a bit, and new maps have been drawn! See note of June 15th 2015 and the preannouncement of the earthquake published by the Nemesis Press Agency (npa)! Here is the eyewitness report.
July 5th 2015:
Now some maps from the World of Nemesis are available on the LPC based part of this webserver.
June 19th 2015:
Here comes MudFM 'milestone' version! Now in editing mode with line numbering, "goto <line>", "search&replace", etc. plus the "<TAB> problem" is fixed. Currently beta-testing ... but looks fine!
See also: Wizards' Area and man mudfm.
The development of MudFM: The first version of MudFM, download with MudFM, full read/write access as inside Nemesis with MudFM and the latest version of MudFM.
June 18th 2015:
German Datenschutzerklärung (data privacy statement) added.
June 15th 2015:
"Village Domain" officially founded by Metall and Kiri to revise the old Nemesis Village.

In time statement:
Rumor will have it that great changes are happening on Nemesia Island. Members of the Nemesian Geological Association (NGA) based in Skara Brae state that the entire island no longer is stable and predict a huge earthquake hazard. Upcoming changes will be major! The town crier of Nemesis Village has been informed to announce current developments. ;-)

June 14th 2015:
The very old feature of the shops 'sell type from <container>' was improved: Now it also works via 'sell all from <container>', e.g. 'sell all from bag'.
June 13th 2015:
Disconnect time increased to 2 days: Now players persist 2 days as statues in Nemesis when they lose their connection. This means players can remain logged into Nemesis without Internet connection to keep their equipment.
June 12th 2015:
The next RL wizard party and code chat in Munich. This time @ Metall's home. Photos coming soon.
June 11th 2015:
List of the Quests in Nemesis added. This list also comes directly from within Nemesis - via the LPC based part of this web server.
June 11th 2015:
Result of the population census in April 1993 added to History.
June 9th 2015:
Pictures from the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 16.0 where Nemesis was presented are online.
June 3rd 2015:
A separate Press section has been added to the About navigation bar.
June 1st 2015:
Simulated efun query_user_data() added so game related data also of players and wizards, who are offline, is fully accessable. Private data like mail addresses is not accessible. See also below:
May 29th 2015:
The level of data privacy has been increased: Now mail addresses and realnames of players and wizards are hidden. Only archwizards (at least level 50) have access to them.
Note: Optionally, players and wizards can leave a mail address and their realname. E.g. this mail address is used by the Password Reset Service.
Note: In the early 1990s data privacy was no problem at all.
See also: man restore_object and man query_user_data (note above).
More about security & data privacy in Nemesis: validation of stored email addreses as "Double opt-in" (DOI) for the mailing lists, connecting to Nemesis via SSL/TLS and HTTPS for our website and especially for MudFM.
May 12th 2015:
Enjoy the revamped Pool in Nemesis Village in the small yard in front of the Famous Nameless Pub!
May 10th 2015:
Prepare to wear! As our T-shirts were great success at the VCFe 16.0 (see photos) "Virtual Merchandising" starts: In the Nemesis Information Centre (east from church), in the 'Famous Nameless Pub' and at 'All the Stuff and More' (shop) in Nemesis Village you can find piles of Nemesis T-shirts:

> look
This is the Nemesis Information Centre. Here you can obtain
valuable information about Nemesis and its rules, extensions etc.
Stairs are leading up to the town hall chambers.
    There are four obvious exits: north, west, south and up.
A pile of Nemesis T-shirts.
A colourful magazine.
The information board.
A map of Nemesis Village.
A map of the known world.
> examine pile
It's a huge pile of Nemesis T-shirts.
Perhaps you can take one from the pile.
> get t-shirt from pile
You take the t-shirt from pile.
> wear t-shirt
You wear a black and green Nemesis T-shirt.
> examine t-shirt
The T-shirt is black, with green printings on it.
Examine the front or the back of it :-)
RealLife Nemesis T-shirts can be ordered from time to time.
See also: https://nemesis.de/#shirts !!!
> examine dragon
May 3rd 2015:
User Statistics are available via MRTG.
May 1st - 3rd 2015:
Nemesis was presented at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 16.0 (VCFe) in Munich, Germany! The ancient DECstation 5000/200 accompanied us to the VCFe!
Addendum: Pictures!
April 29th 2015:
The Nemesis T-shirts for the "booth manning" of the VCFe 16 plus special pre-orders are ready! Prepare to wear! See here for the current status which sizes are available.
April 27th 2015:
The complete & searchable Nemesis documentation got some bugfixes and some new features. And revision of the complete /doc tree continues.
April 20th 2015:
The Nemesis T-shirts for the "booth manning" of the VCFe are ordered. See got them and here which sizes are available now.
April 20th 2015:
The MudFM got a download feature! Now Nemesis offers upload and download of files, editing and removing ... all via HTTP.
See also: Wizards' Area and man mudfm.
The development of MudFM: The first version of MudFM, the 'milestone' version, full read/write access as inside Nemesis with MudFM and the latest version of MudFM!
April 19th 2015:
The ancient DECstation 5000/200 is completly up & ready for the VCFe.
April 18th 2015:
The new HTTP MudFM (MUD FileManager) is available via https://nemesis.de/files/!
See also: Wizards' Area and man mudfm.
The development of MudFM: Download with MudFM, the 'milestone' version, full read/write access as inside Nemesis with MudFM and the latest version of MudFM.
April 16th 2015:
The 1st step of the renovation of https://nemesis.de/ is done. Next steps will follow ...
April 14th 2015:
The complete & searchable Nemesis documentation via the LPC based part of the web server is fully active.
April 5th 2015:
Password Reset active: Password forgotten? If you have a still valid e-mail address stored in Nemesis, you can reset your password automagically. As usual: (mostly) implemented in LPC via Nemesis's builtin web server.
March 30th 2015:
Press report: In Norstroe Harbour the Nemesian shipowners agreed on founding a guild: the Nemesian Shipowners Association (NSA). All shipowners offering public transport in the world of Nemesis joined the newly formed NSA to improve the services on their vessels. The first step is that passengers get tickets when they pay for the trip. In case of a maritime emergency these tickets enable the rescue teams to salvage the passengers bringing them back to the starting point of their journey. Further (real?) improvements are planned.
Addendum: See also: the new uniform design of the ship tickets.
March 24th 2015:
New MultiGuestLogins enabled - try login 'guest' - see Connect.
March 16th 2015:
Last FTP quirks have been fixed.
March 13th 2015:
Physical meeting of wizards (and also some new adventurers) in Munich @ Kiri's Home after many years. Many faces long time not seen each other. Yep, there was party.
February 15th 2015:
As most browsers don't support the gopher protocol anymore (which was one of the predecessors of HTTP/HTML and state of the art when Nemesis had its high time), we're moving more and more of the gopher stuff to the Nemesis's builtin web server also written in LPC. The old gopher server is still active: gopher://nemesis.de/ (if you have a client/browser which supports it ;-) hint: the OverbiteFF plugin for Firefox & SeaMonkey works).
February 7th 2015:
Nemesis was moved to a new server at a computer center, and is completely up & running now in virtual FreeBSD machine, including Web and FTP server (and also MTP, if you know what it is ;-) Hint: See Download or man mtp.
For those of you who love German town names: the computer center is in Unterschleissheim (fully correct: Unterschleißheim) - near Munich.
January 2015:
Based on a joke by Hans Franke, a computer collector, oldschool gamer and organizer of the annual Vintage Computer Festival Europe, Metall had the idea to present Nemesis and talk about MUDs in general at the 2015 event (VCFe 16). And she wanted to have a live demonstration. Reason enough to get things fixed again. The backup was on a DLT tape this time, however no working DLT drive was available. Digging at Ebay solved this problem. After porting the code to make it compile on a current OS and compiler, Nemesis came up for a two week testing period.

And was before? Have a look at our History section!

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